Wondering which online TEFL courses are accredited? Well, most of them are actually,  but accreditation is not required with TEFL courses and there is no one accrediting body for TEFL in fact I counted at least 23 so-called TEFL accrediting bodies.

Most of the courses get accreditation from a business or independent organization. Accreditation is done privately and accreditation does not guarantee quality or anything else actually.

The idea behind it to prevent scams is good, however it's easy to feign and some say accreditation doesn't work.

"The accreditation of a TEFL certificate doesn't matter because no one cares about a 120 hour certificate. Governments and schools just want to see a minimal effort on your part to do something unrelated to your bachelor's degree." - Timemachine2

Here is a list of "accredited" online TEFL courses 

Some people advise that you look up the accrediting company and check for how legit it is. Some accrediting bodies may be fictitious and/or created by the same company using a different name.

  • TEFLonline, Bridge TEFL accredited by ACCET
  • i-to-i, accredited by ODLQC
  • The TEFL Academy, accredited by TQUK
  • OnTESOL, accredited by ACTDEC
  • OxfordTEFL, accredited by Trinity College London
  • TEFL Express, accredited by ACCREDITAT
  • TEFL Full Circle, accredited by ACCREDITAT
  • Enjoy TEFL, accredited by ACCREDITAT
  • iTTT, accredited by OTTSA
  • MyTEFL, accredited by OTTSA
  • Global English TEFL, accredited by ACTDEC
  • UNI-PREP, accredited by EdAccredit
  • TEFL Boot Camp, ???
  • International TEFL academy, accredited by TQUK
  • Premier TEFL, accredited by TQUK
  • Global Language Training, accredited by ACTDEC
  • UK-TEFL, accredited by TQUK
  • University of Anaheim TESOL, accredited by DEAC
  • TEFL Org UK, accredited by BAC
  • CIEE TEFL, not accredited
  • ICAL TEFL, not accredited
  • University of Toronto's online TEFL, not accredited
  • ESLinsider, not accredited (and proud of it)

"Keep in mind that “accreditation mills” also exist..." - parchment.com

"They’re even “accredited” by fake accreditation agencies." - tophat.com

How important is accreditation?

It depends on who you ask.

Many TEFL providers will say it's extremely important, but remember there is no one body for accreditation. In fact I counted more than 23 TEFL accrediting bodies.

But many courses say they are accredited?

Yes, it means someone has supposedly 'inspected" a course and deemed it worthy, but do you know who that someone is?

A few quick facts from GOACTA's pdf above:


  1. Accreditation is done secretly
  2. It involves an exchange of money
  3. It reduces institutional autonomy (have you started to notice that most TEFL courses look and sound the same?)

"I can promise you no hagwon will bother to check up on the accreditation and quality of the course you took. They will just see that you have the certificate and maybe then place your resume at the top of the pile." - Guyforbes

What that comment means is that in many cases to 'most' schools certificates all look the same and that includes that cheapo on Groupon and that pricey $1200 certificate.

So instead of focusing on a piece of paper that makes it look like you know something then you might want to focus on what you learn.

Does accreditation make a course "internationally recognized"?

Claims such as "internationally recognized" or "recognized worldwide" are mainly marketing terms and many TEFL course providers use these terms. But they don't actually mean much.

Employers in Asia are just like employers in your own country. They have their own preferences. They'll look at your whole resume, experience and qualifications. One certificate or another doesn't automatically guarantee you a job teaching anywhere.

Certificates are typically secondary to actual experience.

Yes, there may be courses that are more recognized or known, but that is dependent on the school and location. Courses like CELTA and Trinity TESOL are more recognized, but in my experience teaching in Asia I would say that are not that recognized. 

Here is another girl's opinion who took the CELTA on how recognized the CELTA is in Asia.


I gave you a list of online TEFL course providers and their accreditation. I told you a bit about accreditation and offered some different viewpoints on it that you probably didn't know.

On one hand accreditation can be a marker of quality, but on the other there's more to it than meets the eye. 

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