These simple how-to videos will make your job teaching English (ESL) easier and more fun. Here you'll find instructional videos and fresh ideas for your lessons. All of the videos are separated into categories below and then labeled on the following pages whether they are suitable for teaching English to adults or children with more of a focus on teaching ESL to kids aged 6-13.

They are also labeled whether they are suitable for beginners, intermediates or advanced students. Under the videos you will also find written instructions for carrying out each activity or exercise.

"Like how the videos are short and to the point. Thank you!" - Sally

How-to Videos on:

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You'll find over 100 TEFL videos here that you can watch online and links to related articles. The how-to videos were shot abroad in both public primary schools and private schools (hagwons and kindergartens) in Korea and a few in Taiwan. Also included are video interviews with ESL teachers in China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

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