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ESLinsider is not a company. In fact it is a little anti-establishment. But not anti for the sake of being anti, but just anti b.s. 

ESLinsider was designed to make teaching ESL more fun, interesting, and easier. The creation of ESLinsider and it's videos started in 2009 and it finally made it live online in late 2010.

Ian Leahy is the creator of ESLinsider. He probably started off like you. Like most ESL teachers abroad he had a background in an unrelated subject (fine art), but had an interest in foreign lands, travel and new experiences. 

He has taught English in private and public schools in:

    1. Taiwan (Taichung and Tainan)
    2. Korea (Busan and Changwon)
    3. China (Shanghai)

Ian is TESOL certified and was a member of several TESOL organizations; including,, and

He has lived and traveled throughout North America, Europe and parts of Asia. He currently lives in San Francisco. He is learning Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He practices yoga and meditation daily. He likes making art, beatboxing and scratching records. He keeps a personal blog that is occasionally, lol updated here.

He doesn't use social media that much, but he can also be found here (from most to least active).

  1. Youtube
  2. Twitter
  3. Reddit
  4. Quora

"Thanks Ian! You are a big reason I am here in China! Without your motivation I wouldn't have traveled so far and had all of these great experiences. It's been two years, now I am an English director for three kindergartens." - Raul Romo

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Interviews with ESL teachers in Korea, China, Taiwan and Japan

Thirty English teachers took part in "The Interviews" within ESLinsider. They come from either the U.S.A., Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand. They were all filmed on location in either China, Japan, Korea or Taiwan. You can listen to their stories, get advice, and some tips on teaching abroad.

ESLinsider features a special appearance in "The Interviews" by Troy Jodoin. Troy owns Elite English Academy in Cheonan, South Korea.

ESLinsider's 10 Most Popular Videos On Youtube

Why did you create ESLinsider?

Well, I thought teaching English was difficult when I first started way back in 2004. I also found it difficult to find good information online on how to solve some of the problems that I was having in the classroom. I would spend a lot of time looking for activities and resources that I could use in the classroom that worked.

Most websites were text based and not very organized. Like when I was looking for a game or activity which I frequently did it was just a confusing mess. Reading walls of text is boring. I would have preferred to have seen something done. I did occasionally learn stuff from other teachers especially in the beginning, but most of the time schools didn't offer any training and you were left to your own devices.

Most schools out there just throw you in the classroom really. So you have figure out how to teach. So I guess the idea for the how-to videos came from that. I just had difficulties finding stuff that worked. I figured how-to videos would be the best really if they were shot in the classroom. So years later I created over 100 how-to videos organized by how to use them, age and level.

There are more bloggers out there now than ever, yet finding accurate information can be more challenging to find when there are some TEFL companies that lie and misinform newcomers. It's like there was their version of what teaching abroad was like and then there was the reality. You got abroad and were like, "Oh that was a bunch of b.s." They are often the gateway to teaching abroad for many, but after you pass through their gate you're done with them.

Most TEFL providers keep everything behind a pay wall. So actually a large portion of the content used in the course can be found on this site in the resources for free. To be continued...

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