eslinsider statues is the culmination of:

  • 14+ years of research, travel, and experience
  • 6 years of trial and error teaching in China, Korea & Taiwan (by someone who started off with ZERO experience)
  • And it's been influenced by 20+ teachers from multiple countries

You can acquire that knowledge in the blog, videos and courses.

It's been online since 2011 and it was created by someone with experience teaching and living in China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan.

ESLinsider is not well known

It's true ESLinsider is not popular when it comes to TEFL courses, but consider this...

"Regardless of how you measure 'best' (elegance, deluxeness, impact, profitability, ROI, meaningfulness, memorability), it's almost never present in the thing that is the most popular." - Seth Godin 


What's your favorite restaurant?

Now compare that to McDonald's.


There must be some reason why...

7,800+ people have subscribed to ESLinsider on Youtube.

And one of those videos received over 290,000 views. You can see ESLinsider's Youtube stats in this snazzy infographic.


ESLinsider was designed to make teaching English abroad (especially to kids) better.  

ian leahy

My name is Ian Leahy and I am the creator of ESLinsider. I probably started off like you. Like most ESL teachers abroad I had a background in an unrelated subject (art), but had an interest in foreign lands, travel and new experiences. 

I've taught English in private and public schools in:

  1. Taiwan (Taichung and Tainan)
  2. Korea (Busan and Changwon)
  3. China (Shanghai)

I currently live in Fukuoka, Japan. I am learning judo and BJJ. I practice yoga and meditation daily. I like making art and scratching records.

I also keep a personal blog here.

"If you stay where you are you don't know much, because you have blind spots. So when you are farther away you can see." - Hisao Hanafusa

I don't use social media that much, but I can also be found here (from most to least active).

  1. Reddit
  2. Youtube
  3. Twitter (I usually put new blog posts and updates here)
  4. Quora

"Thanks Ian! You are a big reason I am here in China! Without your motivation I wouldn't have traveled so far and had all of these great experiences. It's been two years, now I am an English director for three kindergartens." - Raul Romo

hagwon owner

Interviews with ESL teachers in Korea, China, Taiwan and Japan

30 English teachers took part in "The Interviews" within ESLinsider. They come from either the U.S.A., Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand. They were all filmed on location in either China, Japan, Korea or Taiwan. You can listen to their stories, get advice, and some tips on teaching abroad.

ESLinsider features a special appearance in "The Interviews" by Troy Jodoin. Troy owns Elite English Academy in Cheonan, South Korea.


Read more posts about ESLinsider.

"Stop the violence towards yourself. Stop doubting. Stop hating, being angry and mean towards yourself." - KRS ONE

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