These stats are from ESLinsider's main Youtube channel. Most of the content I put on that channel is related to teaching English in Asia. You can watch the how-to videos here.

The main reason that I started ESLinsider was because of the fact that I learned that the easiest way to learn how to teach English was by watching other experienced teachers teach. So knowing this I started to make how-to videos and to help other teachers. I read books, attended workshops and used what I already had learned from other teachers to make videos.

ESLinsider's stats on Youtube

Some of the stats:

  • 8,000+ likes & 1,000+ dislikes
  • 6,000+ shares
  • 4 videos w/ 140,000+ views
  • 7,700+ subscribers
  • 2,100,000+ channel views

About ESLinsider's Youtube channel

Update of ESLinsider's Youtube channel in 2022

  • 10,000+ likes & 1,366 dislikes
  • 7,970 channel subscribers
  • 2,335,100 channel views
  • 1 video with 300,000+ views, 1 with 200,000+, and 3 with 100,000+ views

You can see another ESLinsider review on Youtube that shows the top 5 most popular videos on that channel. 


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