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Looking for a review on TEFL online pro? Did you know that TEFL online pro and "Trusted" TEFL reviews are owned by the same person?

This same person had a similar review site scam before that I'll tell you about later. He calls himself "Mia Williams" on Trusted TEFL reviews and "Paul Murphy" on TEFL online pro. He uses the review site to write fake reviews promoting his other site TEFL online pro along with some fake award and fake accreditation.

tefl online pro review scam


So why am I writing this?

To tell the truth.

Plus the guy who owns these two sites made up a bunch of lies about me mentioned below. 

So instead of just turning my cheek while this guy spreads BS around the web I decided to speak up.

"Trusted" TEFL reviews makes a lot of claims about how his reviews are supposedly more legitimate than others. He acts and talks online as if "Trusted TEFL reviews" is some extraordinaire site or big company.


His stuff is all over the web on Quora, Reddit, Medium, Twitter, etc. 

He is a fraud.

And it's obvious as you will soon see.

His name is Neville David Thomas.

He has had scams before which I will show you later.

How do I know?

Your first clue is the fact that if you search for information on who is Mia Williams "co-owner of TTR" you won't find much. That's because it's a fake name. And people who don't want to reveal their identity either make anonymous comments or they might make a fake id and you'll see a bunch of those below.

Are TEFL online pro and "Trusted" TEFL reviews legit?


You can do a search for:

trusted tefl reviews mia williams

And you can do this for all his fake personas to be mentioned later.

Your second clue can be found on Trusted TEFL reviews. 

Go look for the "Teacher's choice award" there and see who won.

There you'll see that TEFL online pro won.


That's a good way to trick people who have no idea. 

I saw this on Twitter.

trusted tefl reviews tefl online pro

Of course TTR is a review site so he tries to make it look real, but I can tell you that a good deal of those reviews there are fake and written by him.

Fake reviews

Here's a fake review on his site.

fake tefl course review

How do I know it's fake?

Does it look like a normal review to you?

Well, I had my doubts to begin with, but I read it and that suggests that the person who wrote that took the course 2 years ago, but when I checked the Who Is record (public data on websites) it said the site was not that old.

So how can someone take a course from TEFL online pro and 2 years later be teaching in Vietnam when TEFL online pro isn't two years old?

You can check the Waybackmachine (archive of sites in the past) and see that review has been there at least since May 2019.

UPDATE: When I last checked he removed that from TEFL online pro's front page which is something else that he does, but you can still see it in the archive above.

He removes his posts or comments when someone calls him out. Another example of this on Reddit (linked to below) where you can go and see that he later removed all his comments.

If you want to see more fake reviews just go to "Trusted" TEFL reviews.

The teacher's choice award is a fake award

teachers choice award winner

The teacher's choice award is a fake award given from the fake review site Trusted TEFL reviews to TEFL online pro. It was supposedly won 2 years in a row. Again TEFL online pro and Trusted TEFL reviews are owned by the same person pretending to be Mia Williams, Paul Murphy, Christopher Haines and many more.

Fake comments

You'll find fake comments on all of his sites. One person pretending to be many. Here is pretending to be someone that took my course. 

trusted tefl reviews fake comments

To the contrary.

See for yourself by searching this: "accepted worldwide"

And you won't find any claims like that.

I also published an article back in 2017 call, Internationally recognized TEFL means nothing. The publish date is on the bottom. That was long before "Trusted" TEFL reviews existed.

Fake id's

He has 3 main fake id's for operating his 3 main sites and then an unknown number of fake id's behind fake comments and reviews. His 3 main fake id's are:

  • "Paul Murphy" for TEFL online pro
  • "Mia Williams" for Trusted TEFL reviews
  • "Christopher Haines" for ACTEFLC

Paul Murphy of TEFL Online Pro is fake

His profile on TEFL online pro.

paul murphy tefl fake

Mia WIlliams "Trusted" TEFL fake

His profile on Quora.

mia williams trusted tefl fake

Christopher Haines ACTEFLC fake

His profile on behance.

chris haines tefl fake

Ohh and as you will read below he used to have another similar scam. 

Lindsay Summers

I found this on Pinterest when i was researching his old scam.

lindsay summers fake tefl course reviews

Does that look familiar to you?

Guess "Mia" is the new Lindsay. is also for sale for $900+ just in case you want to buy his old scam review site.

In short:

  • "Paul Murphy"=Neville David Thomas
  • "Mia Williams"=Neville David Thomas
  • "Christopher Haines"=Neville David Thomas
  • "Lindsay Summers"=Neville David Thomas
  • Most of those comments and reviews on Trusted TEFL reviews, TEFL online pro and ACTEFLC are by Neville David Thomas


Why kind of psychopath review site follows people around the web, calls their employers and harasses them? This person has harassed me and others in various ways. He had a lawyer call me presumably by pretending to be me and requesting a callback. He has followed me around on Reddit and stated that he has called employers in places where I was applying to to "warn" them about me.

And it's not only me.

"Many former students of TEFL Online Pro who have commented on this post later asked me to remove their comments via email. He is calling them, abusing them and stalking them to the point of insanity."


Here he is impersonating me. Ian Leahy is my name and I have never left a comment on his site.

impersonation trusted tefl reviews

Facts: Who owns Trusted TEFL reviews and TEFL online pro?

First let's take a look at the whois public records.


What a coincidence.

Guess how old "Trusted" TEFL reviews is?

456 days old.

That's only 11 days between the creation of both Trusted TEFL reviews and TEFL online pro.

Where are TEFL online pro and "Trusted" TEFL reviews hosted?

A website host is the company that stores the website information. You have to pay a monthly or yearly fee to own a website.

So where is Trusted TEFL reviews hosted?

trusted tefl reviews website host

So I used a tool to test this called hostingchecker and it will tell you where these sites are hosted.


Where is TEFL online pro hosted?

tefl online pro website host

You will see that those two sites are hosted on the same website host called Automattic as of Sept. 2020.

Where is hosted?

And he made a newer site more recently and it's also hosted on the same host.

tefl online pro reviews website host

TEFL online pro's lies on Quora and

I just found this lie on Quora where he said TEFL online pro has been around since 2010.

tefl online pro lie on Quora

But if you look at the whois you will see that TEFL online pro was created in 2019.

Caught on Facebook

Here are a few photos posted by someone on In the first you'll see him recommending TEFL online pro on Facebook.

neville david thomas tefl online pro

And in the second here you can see him recommending "Trusted" TEFL reviews.

neville david thomas trusted tefl reviews

Reviews not written or created by TEFL online pro?

You're going to have a tough time finding reviews on TEFL online pro that weren't written by TEFL online pro. So most reviews that you see were written by Neville despite what it looks like.

But in this post that you are reading now I have linked to some below.

That post about TEFL online pro on r/tefl was not written by Neville. Although he later went in and commented on them and then later deleted them which you can see there.

is tefl online pro legit post on reddit

Someone told me who "Mia Williams" really was... 

Not long after I wrote that first post on Reddit about him someone came forward and told me his name. They didn't want to reveal their identity so I won't. Here are some of his comments sent to me in a message on Reddit.

[–]from (username deleted) sent 7 months ago

Trusted TEFL Reviews is most likely run by a man named Neville Thomas. I took his online course years ago and he got caught making tons and tons of fake reviews and fake review sites. His nickname with grads was Neville the Devil. This all seems like his work. His previous fake review site was

Seems pretty similar to what's going on with Trusted TEFL Reviews right? Same feel and same language. Same woman who comes out of thin air and totally is biased towards one course in particular. Anyway, I followed a rabbit whole and found you...

My issues with him are in the past and I don't like dealing with crazy people. I looked at the review site and I'm sure most of the negative reviews are fake. God, it's so similar to what was happening 5 years ago.

At the time, his previous course was called ITTP. He's a strange and relentlessly crazy man. This is just speculation on my part, but if you check him out, there's a good chance it's him. Maybe reach out to the other online courses. I am sure they are aware of who he is and what he's done in the past. Good luck (and be careful).

Another message by the same person:

I noticed people were being attacked and I knew it was him. TEFL Online Pro and Trusted TEFL Reviews are all the same person and owned by Neville Thomas. I guess it's because it's not my deal anymore. I just figured you might want to put a potential name to the person is going after you and kind of warn you that this guy is all about creating false identities and attacking people.

Here's another site that talks about his previous review scam.

What he does...

He copies other people's content and reviews. I've even seen him copy ideas and parts of reviews from my site. He attacks other people, companies and writes fake reviews.

Here are some of the names he's created which are very similar to other companies in the industry:

  • "TEFL Online Pro" is similar to TEFL Pros.
  • "ITTP" (his old site) is similar to ITTT.
  • Trusted TEFL reviews (TTR) is similar to the site TEFL course review (TCR).
  • His fake award on TTR "Teacher's choice award" is similar to an award I saw on review sites Goabroad or Gooverseas.
  • ACTEFLC looks like a hundred other TEFL accreditations.

That's how he blends in. 

ITTP and teflonlinereviews are now defunct.

And if you ask me...

This is largely an industry of copycats in one form or another and there are a lot of lies

UPDATE: He sent me a few emails...

So like I expected he found this and contacted me. I am pasting his emails here...

His first email...

ESLinsider and online defamation - Cease and desist notice

My Williams <>

Sun 6/21/2020 2:08 AM

ESLinsider and online defamation - Cease and desist notice.

Mia Williams.

Cease and desist?

Do you think I am actually scared of this?

Of course not because he'd have to show his face if he was dumb enough to try any sort of legal action and his whole scam would be revealed.

His second email...

The lobster conundrum (an after-thought)

Mia Williams <>

Sun 6/21/2020 2:20 AM

Do you really want to remain stagnant as lobster No.39?

His third email... listing on

Mia Williams <>

Mon 6/22/2020 10:49 PM

We can see from our visitor stats that you have viewed the warning of

This warning has been published, based on legitimate grounds. If the details of the warning are untrue, we will delete the warning.

I really don't understand why you have chosen to start defaming We are aware of the defamation laws in Japan and will proceed as necessary.

Personally, If I were you, I would have a graduate of your program submit a review to as then we would be able to confirm the legitimacy of your school, and the warning would be deleted - plus any other comments I may have posted online about ESLinsider. ESLinsider would also jump in the school rankings and would further jump with each new review received. It is a well-established fact that the higher the position of a school on, the larger the increase in a school's website traffic and ultimately a larger increase in business for that school.

This, of course, would need to be taken in the context of ceasing the online defamation - your comments online are defamatory because they are incorrect. And, of course, we would need to be satisfied that ESLinsider really exists as an Online TEFL program.

At the moment, though, you are in self-destruct mode and your behavior has created a lot of red flags for us.

We hope you decide to begin acting more professionally. If you did choose to continue down the same path, we would need to respond in kind.

Mia Williams - (Btw, Mia is my middle name. )

Oh really?

It's your middle name now?


So more recently he has been uploading review videos to his channels. These video "reviews" if you want to call them that are being uploaded to Youtube, Reddit, etc. A key thing to keep in mind is that those people aren't making those reviews and publishing them to their channels.

And why is that?

I can't think of any other reason than they were paid to do it or perhaps compensated with a free TEFL certificate.

Think about it. 

Have you ever created a review and sent it to a company to upload?

I hope not.

All of these were created in a short time.


So he got someone to buy his course and make a video review, but it's obvious she is reading a script so I am sure she was paid to do it and that is similar to some of the video reviews of myTEFL I've seen.

How companies buy a rep

I'd recommend watching this video.


Fake online reviews: How easily can you buy a reputation?

Is TEFL online pro accredited? ACTEFLC?

ACTEFLC is a fake accreditation created by Neville again using another fake username called Christopher Haines.

I just noticed that he is now claiming to be accredited by ACTEFLC. So I did a quick search of this supposed accreditation and found only a few mentions of Trusted TEFL reviews and TEFL online pro.

"The only websites that mention ACTEFLC accreditation are (surprise, surprise) Trusted TEFL Reviews and TEFL Online Pro." - Source

ACTEFLC was created on 1-21-2021.

Fake accreditation is a thing in TEFL. Accreditation in TEFL is not required, but creating a fake accreditation to get you to buy is fraud.

Everything mentioned above should have shown you that this is a fraudulant site and for some reason it didn't then see the links below.

Why am I writing this post on TEFL online pro and "Trusted" TEFL reviews?

How would you feel if someone was spreading lies about you across the internet?

Below I'll show you 7 different websites that he either owns or used to slander my name.

Search engine results do change, but here are some examples of what I found today all written by him attacking me online.

Ohh, and by the way it's not only me he writes $#@! about, but he seems to have taken a liking towards trying to deface my work likely because I am one of the few publicly calling him out.

Neville (pretending to be "Mia Williams") on "Trusted" TEFL reviews writes...

trusted tefl reviews on eslinsider

His writing is a whole lot of projection. Says here that I go by the "identity" of Ian Leahy? Ahh, yeah since my parents named me that.

So that one was on "Trusted" TEFL reviews and here is one by him on his new site "".

Neville (pretending to be "Paul Murphy") writes on

tefl online pro reviews eslinsider

The fake "Teachers' choice award" is on his other site "Trusted" TEFL reviews. One way he promotes his course.

Neville writes this on Facebook...

facebook trusted tefl reviews

In this case he copies the title of this post (about his scam) on TEFL online pro.

And here is a slew of them he wrote on 4 different sites. was his post under the fake username "Mia Williams".


eslinsider subreddit post

That is a post someone made on ESLinsider's Reddit page referring to the person who runs TEFL online pro.

This video explains it in full.


Last words

Before I share some related links with you I'd like to say that if more people don't start speaking up about this then he is going to keep getting away with this. If you search "TEFL online pro" then you are unlikely (at the moment) to find any of the links below or this article that you are reading.

Why not?

Because he's building links to his other pages and sites which include a lot of profile pages. So in order to get the below pages on page 1 of Google then they will probably need more links.

Also I wouldn't feel afraid to write about him. He may threaten you, but that's what he does and all he does. As I said before he will never legally try to do something because that would give away his fraud and fake ID.

I suspect lots of people in the industry don't like him. And they don't do much because they are afraid of the blowback, but in the meantime he's getting away with his little scam.

So speak up.

fake tefl

Obtained from the web archive.