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This is an in-depth guide on how to get started teaching English abroad in Asia with a focus on teaching in four East Asian countries: Korea, China, Taiwan and Japan. It does not focus on the teaching or training part of that.

For that I recommend either the course which goes DEEP with the online training especially focused on teaching kids (8 out of 10 jobs in Asia).

You can read much of this guide below by following the links.

guide to start teaching English in Asia

I have personally taught in China, Korea and Taiwan. This guide will help you choose a country, a school, an age group, polish your resume, stand out... 

Here's a look at the contents

  • 1. Requirements
  • 2. Choose your place
  • 3. Japan...
    • How to get a job
    • Websites for finding a job in Japan
  • 4. Korea...
    • How to get a job
    • Websites for finding a job in Korea
  • 5. China...
    • How to get a job
    • Websites for finding a job in China
  • 6. Taiwan...
    • How to get a job
    • Websites for finding a job in Taiwan
  • 7. Still not sure where you should teach?
  • 8. Do I want to work in a public or a private school?
    • Public schools
    • Private schools aka Hagwons, Buxibans, Training Centers, and Eikaiwa
    • Other kinds of schools
  • 9. What age group do you want to teach?
  • 10. How to Write an Effective Resume for Teaching English Abroad
    • Cover Letter
    • Writing your resume
    • Reference Letters
  • 11. Job hunting tips
    • Likability Wins
    • Go There And Look
    • See The Big Picture
    • Use Recruiters for Info and Maybe a Job
    • No Experience?
    • Make Your resume REALLY Stand Out
  • 12. FAQ

Check out this playlist on teaching English in Asia

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Remember teaching English isn't as easy as it sounds. If you really want to have a better experience teaching in Asia then take this course (especially if you teach mostly kids and chances are you will).