The answers to your online TEFL course are in the course you are taking. While doing some research I found that quite a few searches were being done in regards to "answers".

Some of the queries people were searching for:

  • online TEFL course quiz answers
  • answers to online TEFL course
  • online TEFL course help

If you are searching for the answers to your online course I suspect you have a few problems.

The problem might be:

  1. The course is not interesting
  2. You're lazy
  3. You chose the wrong kind of course

1. The course you are taking is boring and uninspiring

First let's blame it on the course. It could be that the course you are taking is not inspiring. You might have bought one of those cheap Groupon courses. It's o.k, you wanted to save money, but this is probably a case of "you get what you pay for".

Some courses are totally text based and uninspiring.

You won't remember that. So if you are uninspired perhaps you can take another course. I would take one that includes a lot of video.

I received an email once, "...I tried a Groupon course and couldn't finish it cause It didn't inspire me..."

2. You're lazy and/or not cut out for teaching

If you are lazy and just trying to skim through the course then I am going to pass some moral judgement on you. First off you are wasting your time. You are probably just chasing the carrot (that certificate) and are missing out on the opportunity to learn.

If you want to cheat then that comes at a cost. If I was you I would start thinking more long term instead of short term. You are thinking short term if you are just focused on the certificate. That certificate might help you get a job, but what's after that?

The job. It's going to be your work. And if you don't know what you are doing then you are probably not going to like it much. Similarly either will your boss.

You might not be cut out for teaching either. Not everyone is. You might want to stop now and reconsider teaching abroad as a whole. It's work. It's not an escape or a vacation.

I would start thinking long term.

Think down the road. You'll get a job, but then what? Are you the kind of teacher that you would want to have?

3. You chose the wrong kind of course


So it could be the course, it could be you or it could be that you chose the wrong kind of course.

Online TEFL courses are not for everyone. You need to have a certain amount of discipline to take an online course. If you are a traditional classroom learner then you might need the support system of a teacher and students.

To work well online you need to be able to work independently. You need self motivation. If you don't have those things then an online course might not be cut out for you. There is probably a better online course, but as good as it is it still might not be good enough for you.

If you need help then an in-class course might be better for you.

The answers are...

As mentioned before the answers are actually in the course you are taking. So I'd say you either take another course, slow down and do the work, or reconsider teaching abroad.

If you want a supplementary book then I'd suggest the online TEFL course handbook on Amazon. Or you can take a more engaging course that uses video (ESLinsider's courses use a lot of video).

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