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Are you fucking stupid? 

Yeah that's right I just swore on an 'education' site. 

It's so unprofessional.


I don't actually mean any disrespect because I was that idiot before. I am trying to get your attention and get you focused on the things that matter...

Did you think you were going on a vacation?



Wake up!

Think that "accredited 120 hour" course is going to save you?


What are you thinking?

Do you think that once you get that job all of your problems will go away?


They won't.

They are only beginning.

You are focused on the wrong thing.

The carrot.


Didn't you learn anything from college?

Why did you go to college?

Wasn't it something like go to college, get a degree so you could get a job, a better job or make more money.

But wait a second.

Here you are considering teaching English abroad.

Did you go to college to do this?

Did that "accredited" degree that you went thousands of dollars in debt for get you a job doing what you want?

Are you dumb enough to fall for the bait again?

Think you'll get a better TEFL job or make more money with your fancy sounding certificate?


You're in the rat race.

You're focused on the bait. The end. An extrinsic goal.

But really.

You're going to work.


That certificate might make it look like you know something.

But will you feel that way?


You are going to feel like a fraud.

Teaching English is hard.

It's not easy.

Did you think that cheap, "accredited" course with those fake "hours" was going to make you a great teacher overnight?


It's hard.

Do you think you are going to spend all your time on a beach somewhere or out exploring?


You won't.

You have big problems ahead of you.

Have you every taught a classroom of students before?

Probably not.

These are some of the problems that you are going to have.

  • Students that ignore you
  • Students that don't pay attention
  • Bored students
  • Difficult students
  • Students that speak when you speak
  • Students that speak Chinese, Korean, etc. in class
  • Chaos in the classroom
  • Students who won't talk
  • Large classes
  • Students who don't want to be there
  • Students that disrespect you

And how are those problems going to make you feel?

You are going to feel frustrated, stressed, depressed, homesick and helpless. And why did you want to go abroad in the first place?

Did you actually think about the teaching?

They know you are naive and dumb.

And they are going to take advantage of you and sell you another lie.


You are not going on vacation.

You're going to work.

Are you prepared?

Are you confident in your abilities to teach?

If you really want to change your life then you need to change your focus.

This course is designed to teach mostly kids in Asia.