Leverage your year teaching abroad with the 1000 hour TEFL course

Are you wondering whether you should take an online or an in-class TEFL course? There are some benefits to some online TEFL courses and the benefit of an in-class course is often feedback on your teaching.

That's a key difference.

This is a new course that provides a way to leverage your experience teaching English abroad. This course starts off with the 120 hour online course and then over a period of 12 months uses your on the job experience and turns it into a 1000 hour course with online feedback.

But before we go into the details let's take a look first at the requirements:

  1. You'll need to have completed ESLinsider's 120 hour online course.
  2. You'll need to have a job teaching at least 18 hours a week.
  3. You'll need to write a detailed monthly report (at least 2000 words) that includes your experience. That's an estimated 2-4 hours of work a month.
  4. You'll need to maintain this for 12 months. If you want a certificate there are no exceptions.

What's in it for you?

  1. Feedback on your teaching, advice and help with classroom problems. Maximize your on the job experience with additional training.
  2. A qualification no one else has: a 1000 hour certificate upon successful completion. See for yourself go Google a 1000 hour TEFL course.
  3. A better teaching experience equals a better time abroad.

Your first year of teaching is often the toughest. That's because you need practice and repetition to learn anything and this is a way to get continued support for your teaching. Chances are you are not going to learn it all on a deep level the first time you take a course. But with a little practice and the intention to make it better you can do just that with this course.

What is the best TEFL training that you could get?

You might have heard that CELTA or some other in-class courses offer the best training. Why do some people say that? They say that because there is an in-class component (usually 6 hours) of observed teaching practice. Which is great.

But here is something to consider. This observed teaching practice is usually held in a classroom that is unlike the classroom that you will be teaching in. This is often just "pseudo teaching". Meaning those students who you will be teaching are not the same students that you will be teaching when you actually go abroad. In fact they are often not real students at all!

The TESOL course that I took before going abroad had an in-class component where I taught in front of other students like myself and the teacher trainer. That wasn't really much like the classrooms that I actually encountered in Taiwan. I had students that were anywhere from 5 or 6 years old to 13 or 14 who spoke Chinese as their native language.

My students weren't just there to get some certificate. They were there because they had to be. They were in school.

So if you take a course with an in-class teaching component then you might encounter the same thing. The real students that you are going to teach are going to be younger or older, less or more skilled, and/or from a different culture.

"The CELTA is an incredible qualification and gives us the license to drive; but with the benefit of hindsight, I can honestly say nothing prepares us more for the challenges of being a full-time teacher than the everyday experiences we have in school." - Lewis Waitt

So according to him it wasn't quite enough. A course is just the beginning. The real teaching begins when you enter the classroom. So don't you think it would be helpful to get a little feedback on your teaching?

The best TEFL training is...

The best training is really training that is geared towards the students that you will be teaching. And that's what this course does. It leverages your teaching job abroad and turns 12 months into 1000 hours of training.

You'll have a qualification that no one else has. And more importantly at the end of the 12 months you'll be more qualified to teach ESL than anyone else who has a year of teaching experience and a 120 hour certificate.

How does it work?

Every month for a period of 12 months you will write a report greater than 2000 words on your experience which includes any problems that you are having in the previous months. That report will be posted publicly on the blog. Then you will receive feedback on how you can solve those problems.

At the end of 12 months you will receive your 1000 hour certificate.

For now, but probably not forever this course is only...


Who is it for?

This is for the person who really intends on becoming a better teacher or it's for the person who wants to have a better year abroad. It's for the person who wants to make the most out of their time abroad.

Alright I am interested. How do I start?

If you haven't already sign up for ESLinsider's 120 hour online course. At the end of that course you will find directions on how to get started on the 1000 hour course.