A few years ago when I did a search for my site "eslinsider" I found that a few other people were using the same name on their site. One of those sites was Bridge English or Bridge TEFL. They used the name in their ESL blog. They called it the Bridge ESL Insider Blog. I wasn't very happy about it so I sent them a message and asked if they could change it. I didn't receive a reply. I even commented on some of their posts before and left a link back to my site. So I am sure they are aware. Those comments were deleted.

Bridge English Copy

Is Bridge English/TEFL really a "leader" in language instruction and teacher training?

On their about page Bridge TEFL claims to be a "leader" in TEFL training. If they were really a "leader" wouldn't they come up with their own original name? The url of their blog is https://www.bridgeenglish.com/esl-blog. Naming their blog the ESL Insider Blog was an after thought. If it wasn't then why wouldn't the url be: /eslinsider-blog. That may be speculation on my part. But there is a way to see what their website looked like in the past using the WaybackMachine.

Yahoo eslinsider email

It looks like it was around the beginning of 2013 when they changed the name. All archived pages earlier than that show their blog without any specific name. The blog was titled BridgeEnglish. They also names their newsletter the ESL Insider newsletter. I have owned the url eslinsider.com since April 2009. See the pic of my email. If you use the WaybackMachine the earliest example of my site is found in 2010.