ESL Resources for Teachers

Online TEFL Course

Get TEFL/TESOL Certified. An efficient and effective online course guaranteed to get you trained as an ESL teacher quickly and easily. It's inexpensive too.

The Starters Guide to Teaching English in Asia

Thinking about teaching English in Japan, Korea, Taiwan or China? Download The Starters Guide and learn: how to write an effective ESL resume, where to find ESL jobs, the differences between public and private schools, about visas, etc.

The Ebook

This includes most of what is in The Starters Guide and much more. It is a how to teach English guide complete with the essential details.

How to Teach English Summary

A summary of the classic book How to teach English by Jeremy Harmer. It's a simple, practical and compressed guide for teaching English.

How-to Videos

Watch over 100 videos and learn: lesson planning, warm-ups, icebreakers, ESL games and activities, teaching tips, classroom management and more.

101 Teaching Tips

"If the material seems to be boring to the teacher, it will be boring to the students, but the reverse isn't always true. Just because the teacher finds the material to be interesting doesn't necessarily mean that the students will." -Arch Lustberg

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