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Icebreakers and warm-up activities can be used in the first part of your lesson. They are used to warm up your ESL students and bring them into your lesson. Typically you use these activities for 5-10 minutes at the beginning of the lesson.

You will find an assortment of TEFL warm-up activities/icebreakers here that will work with kids (in kindergarten or elementary school) and adults. Here you can watch videos of them in action or read simple instructions.

ESL icebreakers in the classroom Categramble Elementary Children-Adults, Intermediate+

Students doing an ESL icebreaker in the classroom Fear in a Bag Adolescents-Adults, Intermediate-Advanced

A warm up activity using a ball Word Association Elementary Children-Adults, Intermediates+

A spelling and writing warm up activity Give them a Letter Elementary Children-Adults, Beginners+

Icebreakers Line up Line Up Elementary Children-Adults, Beginners+

Warm up activities word chain Word Chain Elementary Children-Adolescents, Beginners+

Icebreakers 20 questions 20 Questions Adolescents-Adults, Intermediate+

Warm up activities Teacher Says Teacher Says Kindergarten-Early Elementary, Beginners

Icebreakers Tell the Truth Tell the Truth Elementary Children-Adults, Intermediate+

Warm up activities what do you see What do you see? Elementary Children-Adults, Beginners+

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