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Learn a great icebreaker for your first day teaching English. This activity will work well with most levels of students except total beginners or very young children.

This icebreaker will work especially well on your first day teaching lower intermediates on up. The questions used can also be altered to fit the students level/age.



  1. Come up with three questions (perhaps two basic questions and one more interesting question)
  2. Write your questions on the board
  3. Have your students form two lines facing each other
  4. Say "go" and have the students begin asking the person opposite them the questions
  5. After some time or when the first student has asked the three questions say "switch"
  6. One line stays still while the other moves down one
  7. Continue

The basic questions used here are:

  1. What's your name?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. Who would you most like to eat dinner with?

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About the video

This video was shot in a public school classroom in Changwon, Korea. These students were parents of the elementary school students that I normally taught. They came in on Mondays.