This is a fun and simple activity for warming up your students. It might actually be the one activity that I used the most. It works with most levels too. Pretty much any game with a ball is fun!

If they are a sharp group then you could try it without having them pass the ball back to you. After they say their word you could have them pass it to another student and so on. Or if it seems to easy for them you could try this one instead.



  1. Get a ball or a soft die
  2. Have your students stand
  3. Pass the ball to a student and give them a letter ("T")
  4. That student gives you a word that begins with that letter ("Time")
  5. They pass the ball back to you
  6. Pass the ball to the next student
  7. Take the last letter from that word ("e")
  8. Pass the ball and give the next student that letter
  9. Continue

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About the video

This video was shot in a buxiban, in Koahsiung, Taiwan. I worked there for the day as a substitute teacher. I'd guess that these kids are about 10-12 years old.

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