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This is a fun warm-up activity for teaching English to intermediates (not for total beginners) on up. It is similar to the activity "word chain", but it will work with more advanced students. So if the students seem bored with "word chain" then you can try this.

This is a fun warm-up activity and it can be funny to hear peoples associations to different things. It's best to keep it going fast. If a student can't think of one then have them pass it.


  1. You need a ball or a soft die
  2. Have your students stand
  3. Pass the ball to one student and give them a word (any word)
  4. They say the first word that they think of
  5. Then they pass the ball to another person and...
  6. That person says the first word they think of
  7. Continue

About the video

This video was shot in a kindergarten in Masan, Korea. I briefly worked there as a substitute teacher. These students are not in kindergarten, but elementary school. Kindergartens also have after school classes for elementary students.