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This is a fun and simple warm up activity where you can group students together. Collaboration makes for a more fun and stimulating environment for the students. It also encourages writing, speaking and listening.

This is a fun and simple ESL activity that works well with most levels and small or large classes. I personally don't consider spelling for this. So as long as it's close enough and that they can pronounce it, then I will give them a point.


  1. Divide your class into groups
  2. Hand each group a piece of paper
  3. Designate one person to write
  4. Pick a letter, write it on the board and say "Go"
  5. The students work together to help that one person write down words that begin with that letter
  6. Give them about a minute or two
  7. Stop them and pick a student to read the words out loud from each group one at a time
  8. Give a point to the team with the most words

If the students hear another say a word then they can write that word down too. This will encourage them to whisper.