Here you will find how-to videos and tips for classroom management. I also recommend reading these articles on classroom management strategies, praise, rewards and consequences. Also did you know about 101 teaching tips? Teaching tips 79-101 are classroom management tips. The online TEFL course also contains a solid section on classroom management.

ESL teacher giving classroom management tips Classroom Management #1 Kindergarten - Early Adolescent

Paper with a list of classroom rules Classroom Rules Kindergarten - Adult

An ESL teacher telling us to use peer pressure Peer Pressure Kindergarten - Adult

An ESL teacher gives us a tip for classroom management Positive Reinforcement Kindergarten - Adult

ESL teacher using stamps for classroom management Stamps Kindergarten - Elementary Children

Proximity for classroom management Using Proximity Kindergarten - Adult

ESL teacher on responsibilities for classroom management Responsibilities Kindergarten - Adult

ESL Teacher giving us a tip on countdowns Countdowns Kindergarten - Early Adolescent

Teacher gives 4 tips for classroom management 4 Tips Kindergarten - Adult

"No, is a word that must never be negotiated, because the person who chooses not to hear it is trying to control you." - William Ury