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4 tips for classroom management

Watch this video and learn 4 tips for classroom management. The our tips are keeping your cool, focusing on the positive, preparing good lessons and expecting your students to behave.

Here you can learn 4 additional tips for classroom management:

  • Focus on the positive. It can be difficult at times to not let some annoying problem with a student take over your or the classes attention. But what you want to do is to keep your focus on the students that are doing well. This will often turn the student who is being difficult around.
  • Prepare fun, exciting and challenging lessons. Some students don't want to be there. They are there because it's a requirement for school or maybe because their parents or employer wants them to be. So that's a reason to make your classes fun and exciting. You also want your classes to be challenging, however not too challenging.
  • Keep your cool and don't yell. Yelling will give you a sore throat and will likely only temporarily solve a problem. It's not likely to increase the students respect for you or make them like you any more.
  • Expect your students to behave. Having a positive mindset will help.

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