A simple and effective system for classroom management

This is a simple system of consequences. These can be used when a student has broken a rule. It will work with children from about 5 years old to about 13 years old.


This is a simple and effective system for managing a classroom and teaching English to children. This will help keep your classroom rules in place.


These consequences are to be used when a rule is broken.

-1 is a warning. If you have a student who breaks one of your rules, give them a -1. Write it on the board next to their name.

-2 is to stand up. If you have a student who breaks a rule for the second time, give them a -2. Make them stand up for as long as they are old. If they are ten years old then they will have to stand for ten minutes. After that they can sit down.

-3 is to step outside. If you have a student who breaks a rule for the third time, give them a -3. Hand them their book and take them outside to talk. Close the door. Ask them what the problem is and tell them what you want them to do. Speak face to face and in a kind manner. Tell them to take a break. Make them stand outside for as long as they are old.

Really you won't have many problems if your lessons are good. In the beginning you might have a few more until they get used to you. Mostly those will be for speaking in their native language. This will work well with smaller classes.

For larger classes (more than 15 or 20) you probably won't be writing their names on the board. So in this situation I might just give them a verbal warning and then make them stand after that.

If your school objects to sending students outside of the classroom then you can either make them stand for a longer time or stand at the back of the room. 

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