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Use proximity to manage your classroom

The way you use your body is important in the classroom. The position of how you relate it to your students and how they relate to one another is important too. In this video I will show you how you can break up problems in the classroom by moving students around.

Using proximity is another way of managing your classroom while teaching English. Let's say you have a student who is misbehaving. Maybe he is talking when he shouldn't be or maybe he is not paying attention. Go stand next to him and teach from that point. Your presence will most likely get them to behave and pay attention.

Another way of dealing with this situation is to save a spot, a chair, next to the teacher and have them come sit next to you.

Lastly you could separate the student from his friends. Relocate the student to a different part of the classroom for the day. Tell them that when their attitude/behavior improves that they can sit with their friends.