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Here are some ESL games and activities that can be used with sentences/Q&A. An example of Q&A is: "Where is the ____ (ball, book, pencil?" "It's on the _____ (desk, chair, table)." Almost all of the games and activities here will work well not only with practicing sentences, but with the substitution style Q&A.

I recommend learning and using the highlighted activities first as they are efficient, fun and educational when used properly. Pass the Bag is pretty good too. Make a sentence is really good, but requires more prep. 

ESL activity where students pass a ball and ask Pass and Ask Elementary Children-Adults Recommended

The ESL game paper, scissors, stone Paper, Scissors, Stone! Elementary Children Recommended

Students playing an ESL game A Ball and a Bag Elementary Children-Adults Recommended

Speaking game in the ESL classroom Whispers Kindergarteners-Adults

ESL activity pass the bag II Pass the Bag II Elementary Children-Adults

ESL activities make a sentence Make a Sentence Elementary Children-Adults

ESL students doing an activity Standing Sentences Elementary Children-Adults

Students doing an ESL activity Race, Touch and Say Kindergarten-Elementary

Students playing  an ESL game Stairway to ____. Kindergarten-Elementary

An ESL game where the student blows a ball Ping Pong Elementary Children

ESL game for sentences - Mystery It's a Mystery Elementary Children

Touch and Say ESL activity Touch and Say Kindergarten-Elementary Children

ESL activities sentence relay Sentence Relay Elementary Children-Adults