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Here is an engaging activity for groups

This activity helps your students formulate sentences. It also works well with groups. To do this ESL activity:

  • Take a bunch of A4 paper and cut it up into fourths or eighths
  • You'll need a set for each group in your class. Each group should be no more than five people.
  • Use a basic sentence from your lesson with different possibilities. For example, "She/He _____ (hobby) on Fridays." The hobby could be like "plays basketball, plays the piano, rides a bike, etc.". You'll need to write only one word on each piece of paper. So the basic sentence structure plus the different hobbies.
  • Mix up the different words on a desk
  • Say a sentence and the students in each group race to put the sentences together
  • Have them raise their hands when they have finished
  • Have the group say it together
  • Continue and give them a new variation of the sentence

For large classes you will need a set for each group. If needed you can create one and then photocopy them and cut them out. Alternatively you can hand the paper to each group and tell them what to write on each piece. This would save you time.