"A Ball and a Bag" is a fun ESL activity that uses music and Q&A

This is an activity to use when practicing questions and answers. It incorporates music and it's a kinesthetic activity. For this ESL activity:

  • Get some music, a ball and a bag
  • Take some small pieces of paper and write questions on them with a clue (picture) to the answer
  • Divide your class into 2 groups
  • Give one group of students the ball and the other group the bag filled with questions
  • Have the two groups stand in circles
  • Play the music
  • Have the students pass the bag and the ball around
  • Stop the music
  • Have the student with the bag reach inside, and pull out a question
  • They ask a question to the student in the other group with the ball
  • If they don't answer correctly have them sit down
  • Continue

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