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This is a fun ESL game to use with children

This works well for when you are teaching and practicing formulating sentences. To play this ESL game:

  • Draw two stairways on the board facing each other with an open space at the top. It should look somewhat like a pyramid and there should be an equal number of steps on each side.
  • Get two magnets and place them at the bottom of the stairs
  • Underneath and between the stairways draw something scary like a monster or a shark
  • Use material from your book and divide your class into two teams. Choose one student from each team, say Go! and each student says the sentence or Q&A.
  • Whoever was the slowest to say it correctly goes up one step. Move the magnet up one.
  • Continue to play until the last one falls into the sharks mouth
  • You can give the winning team a plus one or make the losers do jumping jacks