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A fun ESL game to use when practicing speaking in sentences/Q&A

To play this ESL game:

  • Draw a grid on the board with 9 boxes
  • Also draw the same grid on a piece of paper
  • Within each space (on the paper) draw something like + or - 1, 5, or 10. Then also draw like + 2 stamps, 10 jumping jacks, etc. You do not want to show them the paper.
  • Call on students to give you words from your English lesson. Then fill in the grid on the board.
  • Once the grid has been filled have two students formulate a sentence or Q&A
  • Whoever is the fastest to correctly form a sentence gets to chose a word
  • After they choose the word look at your paper to find the corresponding spot in the grid
  • Grant them whatever is in that space
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