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This is a fun kinesthetic ESL activity to use with groups


This activity helps students formulate sentences word by word. It also works well with groups. To do this ESL activity:

  • You'll need to cut up some A4 paper into fourths
  • Write one word (from a sentence) on each piece of paper
  • Say a sentence and call a group of students (one for each word) to the front of the classroom
  • Have the students hold their word up for the other students to see
  • Have the students form a sentence with their words
  • Have the other students who are sitting read the sentence
  • Then have the standing students read their words one by one
  • Have them crunch down
  • Have them stand up quickly one after the other saying each word
  • Continue

Use substitutions. Create sentences that can easily be substituted other words. Like, "There is a ____ next to the _____." Have a number of words written on paper that can fill in the blanks.