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"Whispers" is a fun activity for practicing sentences

This is a popular ESL activity. There are a few different ways to do this activity. Here is one:

  • Divide your class into two different teams. It's easier if they form lines.
  • Take a sentence from your lesson
  • Whisper it into the ear of the first person in line
  • They then whisper it to the person next to them
  • Students continue whispering to each other on down the line
  • The last student says out loud what he heard

What is said out loud can often be humorous as bits and pieces of the sentence get left out and altered. You can play around with the number of words that you are whispering to your students. For this to be an effective game, the whispering must be done quietly. If everyone in the line is not whispering then have them go back to the broken link in the line and do it again.