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ACTEFLC is a fake TEFL course accreditation run by the same guy who runs TEFL online pro and Trusted TEFL reviews. This guy writes fake reviews, fake comments, has a fake award and now has a fake accreditation.

He uses various fake id's online to write fake comments, fake reviews and more. His fake name on Trusted TEFL reviews is called "Mia Williams". And on TEFL online pro it's "Paul Murphy". And now his fake name on ACTEFLC is "Christopher Haines".

You have to be an idiot to believe this guy's scam, but some people fall for it and then contact me or other people who have written about him later. 

1 person pretending to be many behind ACTEFLC, "Trusted" TEFL reviews and TEFL online pro...

Here is a simple pic that sums it up. It was taken from a Reddit post on ACTEFLC on r/ESLinsider.

acteflc fake tefl accreditation

ACETFLC, TEFL online pro & "Trusted" TEFL reviews is a scam

Oh, what a coincidence. If you look at the search results above for "ACTEFLC" you can see TEFL online pro and "Trusted" TEFL reviews in the search results.

Why is that?

That's because they are all operated by the same person trying to use all these sites together to make you think TEFL online pro is more legitimate than the scam it really is.

Beware though.

Isn't it ironic?

A fake accreditation warning?

fake tefl accreditation

By the same person who created a fake accreditation.

Scammers are smart. They are getting more sophisticated. You've got to watch out.

So Trusted TEFL reviews is owned by the same person as ACTEFLC and TEFL online pro. There is no "Paul Murphy" (his fake persona on TEFL online pro, "Christopher Haines" (his fake persona on ACTEFLC) or a "Mia Williams" (his fake persona on "Trusted" TEFL reviews. They are not different people like he is trying to make you believe. His name is Neville.

His writing is often a bunch of projection (when he attacks other people including me) and lies. 

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