Some people do have bad experiences with TEFL. Was it bad luck or were they just not cut out for it?

I am writing this article with the intent of making you more aware of what can happen in the ESL teaching world. If you're thinking of teaching English abroad you should know that some people do not have your best interests in mind. Some ESL schools (public and private), online entities and recruiters are not fare and honest.

But wait a second...

You don't actually need to know about this. What you really need to know is how to get a GOOD job teaching abroad. Seriously if you follow the advice in that article then I could almost guarantee that you won't have a bad TEFL experience.

Did you find this article by search? Were you searching for horror stories or bad teaching abroad experiences? I know it's sometimes good to know the risks that may exist yet it's better to focus on the positive.

Simply said if you want a positive outcome focus on the positive which is getting a good job and learning.

You asked for horror stories so you'll get em

Some of the common horror stories are:

  • contracts not being honored
  • teachers not being paid on time
  • teachers not being paid in full
  • teachers being fired on the 11th month (Korea)
  • employers finding some other way to cheat you out of money
  • passports being held
  • recruiters or schools asking for deposits to secure you a job or place

Take negative posts, comments, reviews and forum threads with a grain of salt

Like all reviews and comments you read online you should take them with a grain of salt. Yes, bad things happen, but also know that sometimes the person writing it may be at fault too.

They usually write things in the heat of the moment as well. On one hand they could have made it up and on the other it could be true. You don't know the full story and the person writing it could be out for revenge for whatever reason.

You can find many stories online if you search for "blacklists". I spent about 6 years teaching abroad and I have a few stories too. In this video I'll share a couple with you. The goal here is not to spread bad news, but to just let you know or perhaps make you more aware of what can happen.

Don't watch this video if you don't like horror stories, jeez

This is my most disliked video. But I don't get it. I actually enjoyed it, but I am apparently in the minority here. Maybe it freaked some people out, but hey this is art - part truth part fiction. You can let me know what you think in the comments below without being a jerk.

As I mentioned those were based on true stories except for the one that I made up, lol. The one that I made up was the one about the roaches.

He was deducting money for taxes, but he never paid them

The first story about the taxes took place in Taiwan. I did after some work, time and help from my new employer get my money back. If she didn't enlighten me I would have never known that I was supposed to get a tax refund. Thanks to her.

The second took place in Korea and in the end I got most of my money back from the recruiter. The public school paid my last check to him. Yep, a public school, I suspected that he signed my name on a different contract than I signed. I went first to the labor board, but they didn't help and then finally I went to his office and heckled him. He did end up paying back about 85% of what he owed me.

Most of the horror stories that you read about in Korea are with hagwons or are they? Here is a post which includes a poll about whether anyone had a bad experience with EPIK the public school program in Korea.

Again if you want to read more about these stories search for "_____ (insert country) blacklist" or "ESL scams". Most of these stories can be avoided.

Other problems teachers can encounter:

  • TEFL course lies. Some TEFL providers can tell lies such as telling you that it is required to teach in such and such a place.
  • Co-teachers can be difficult for some.
  • Recruiters may use certain tactics to sell you a job. A common one is bait and switch. They'll first offer you a job that sounds good and then later switch to a less desirable one.
  • Culture shock. Some people have a difficult time adapting to a new culture.
  • Employee discrimination. In Asia many employers will show a preference for Caucasian, female, younger, etc. teachers.

You can read more about some of the difficulties teachers have in Asia and also get advice on teaching abroad.

Remember this

Trying to search for all the bad schools on blacklists is not a very effective way of finding a good job. You may find one that you applied to, but for the most part there are so many schools out there that finding out which ones are "bad" through an internet search is not very likely.

Sometimes even "bad schools" can change hands and then the same is true of so called "good schools".

Don't be a victim

Even if something does happen like what happened to me. You might be able to resolve it. Don't assume that you're in such and such a country and that's how they do things. Sometimes you have to fight to get what's rightfully yours.

So in my case I did have stress and anger especially in Korea, but I did get most of the money back that was taken from me because I fought for it. Had I not have approached the recruiter and demanded my money back I never would have seen it.

The same goes for the taxes. My new boss talked to my old boss via phone and told him that he needed to pay me back or whatever. But I had to go back to Taichung, see my old boss and request it.

So then...

How do you find out which school is good and which one is bad?

Well, that is exactly what I explain in this article on how to get a GOOD teaching job.


#11 Ian 2016-10-11 17:54
Quoting dew:
China seems to be the worst for scams...
I wouldn't make that assumption. Maybe or maybe not. I have heard the same thing said of Korea, Taiwan, and other countries.

Most people who complain about bad schools did not follow this advice:
#10 dew 2016-10-11 15:48
China seems to be the worst for scams have been given a teaching position in Beijing but reading all this Im not going to go there
#9 Shimen Middle School 2016-09-29 08:01
Shimen Middle School lies from everything from the accommodation to the working hours.

In my experience the accommodation offered can be compared to third would countries public toilets.

The staff will lie to you and the leaders will ignore your requests to be let go.

I will be leaving the country shortly because the school is costing me more than I am making and I cannot afford to stay and the school refuses to release me from my contract.

#8 Jake 2016-08-16 15:25
There's a guy out there spreading false information about educational institutions affiliated with teaching in China. He uses many different usernames, but all of them are negative and slander many websites in the industry. He commonly writes about topics like scams, China and teaching in China. He does not reveal his identity on the websites that he writes on.
You can find out more about him here.
#7 Ann in Japan 2016-07-09 21:47
Do not work for Gem School in Kagawa, Japan! After two months of chaos (being moved into a filthy apartment, not being paid on time or in tthe correct amounts, being charged for the previous teacher/tenant's utility bills, contract provisions not being honored, constant conflict between owner and teachers/staff, etc.) I decided I had enough and found another job. I gave the school the two weeks notice required in my contract and moved on. I'm still waiting for my final paycheck. They have told me flat out that I won't be paid. Avoid this eikaiwa!
#6 excictteacher 2016-05-24 06:39
Do not work for Columbia International College Taiwan, their practices are immoral and unacceptable. Multiple reviews on these two threads:
#5 ansonik 2013-09-29 06:00
I wrote the original craigslist posting that the poster below pasted, and I would be happy to provide more details. I have proof in the form of audio recordings, and the contract with my forged signatures.
#4 Ian 2013-04-11 23:34
@SHANE English Jinhui (Shanghai) Can you offer any more specific information?
#3 SHANE English Jinhui (Shanghai) 2013-04-11 18:28
Beware SHANE English Jinhui (Shanghai)

These problems include stealing from teachers, falsifying government and educational documents, threatening teachers who quit with violence, and forging signatures on contracts and government forms
#2 Ian 2013-01-20 14:02
@Whistle-Blower Thanks for your comment. I personally don't think any place in Eastern Asia is much worse than the other. People tell the same sorts of stories in China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and I have even heard them in other countries like Italy. Unfortunately there's some shady schools out there.

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