"How to kill it teaching English in a hagwon in Korea" is a guide for those who want to teach in a hagwon (private institute) in Korea.  

This in-depth guide will teach you how to avoid the horror stories you may have heard about teaching in Korea and help you find a "good" hagwon. Then it will help you to navigate it well so that you enjoy your year "teaching" in Korea.

This guide includes much of what is in the Lazy Teacher's Guide To TEFL.

From getting a job to enjoying teaching. You'll probably find it in here.



  1. The challenges teachers face in Korea
  2. So what is a hagwon?
  3. Kinds of hagwons
  4. The good things about working in a hagwon
  5. The not so good things about working in a hagwon
  6. Requirements to teach in Korea
  7. How to avoid hagwon horror stories
  8. Recruiters
  9. Salaries
  10. How to get a job in a hagwon
  11. How to teach efficiently
  12. How to outline a lesson
  13. Teaching meaning, vocab and sentences
  14. Using games & activities
  15. Classroom management and solutions to common problems
  16. Day 1


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