More than a week ago I made an attempt to upgrade the online TEFL course.

Little did I know that attempt was the beginning of a big headache. I was trying to update the course's software, but failed. 

There was a conflict with the new update and the server for the site. I couldn't update it, so I had to go back. But when I tried to go back to the backup that I made on March 6th it wouldn't work.



It took several days before I learned that the backup wasn't a full backup and that it had failed to fully download.

So then I tried to fix the backup file.


With not much luck and a lot of stress later...

My computer decided to die.

Major ughhh.

It wouldn't turn on for a day and half. I was thinking yep it's true, "when it rains it pours". Finally I got it going by disconnecting and reconnecting the hard drive.

And fortunately I did have another old backup file from September, 2016.

Which brings us to...

What this may mean to you?

If you logged into the course between Sept. 6th and March 6th or so then your work is probably gone. Which means you would have to redo any work you did after September then. 

If you started an account after that day in September then your account is also probably gone.

I am sorry.

On a positive note having to redo work is good as repetition is how you learn...

If you paid for a course then I may also have to change your account so that you can access the course again.

It was a snowball of stress and not fun. 

The beginning of the free course that I added in October-November and little other data was lost too. The home page of the course looks currently like it did 6 months ago.

So I will have to redo parts of the site as well. Seems like the site is working o.k now, but if you find something or...

If you have any questions let me know.