If you have traveled abroad and you're thinking of teaching English abroad then you should know that they are a different experience. Having an interest in foreign lands and cultures is an important aspect of both traveling and living abroad.

However they are different experiences and just because you enjoy traveling doesn't mean that you will enjoy teaching or even living abroad.

When you travel abroad you are essentially "moving" to some extent. Teaching or living abroad is more of a routine life. Traveling is temporary and exciting. You can move when you feel a whim to do so.

Living abroad is more like your life now, but different. Your life now most likely has some repetition and routine to it. Part of the excitement of traveling abroad is the newness of the experience. But that newness wears off when you stop moving.

You really have to have an interest in the place where you are thinking of teaching. Why? Because novelty wears off. It may take one or two or maybe three months, but it will wear off.

Many teachers have jobs working 8-4, 9-6 or maybe 2-9 Monday to Friday. Some teachers even work on Saturday, so that doesn't leave a lot of time to travel around the country. 

Also when your days off arrive you may find yourself more interested in staying home.

It could be possible to teach your way around the world granted you had the right qualifications. You could find temporary or part time work and move every few months or so. But most employers usually want you to sign a contract and commit to a year. Pretty much any job that gives you a visa will require you to sign a contract for a year.

When you live abroad or move to any new place the excitement wears off. It doesn't mean that you won't enjoy it or that you shouldn't do it. Success teaching abroad comes when you apply yourself and you really have to have and interest in the place.

Living abroad and traveling abroad is a different experience. When you're traveling abroad you can just pick up your bags and go when you're bored, but that's not so easy to do when you're teaching abroad.

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