So you are thinking about teaching English in Japan and you are wondering how to get a job? If that is correct then you are in the right place.

This post will get you started off in the right direction for finding a job teaching in Japan.

Here is a quick look at the teaching scene which was previously mentioned in "What's it REALLY like to teach English in Japan?"

Here's a quick overview of the scene teaching in Japan

  • Requirements: 4 year degree & native English speaker, plus possible preferences for experienceTEFL certification, etc.
  • Job Market: Most Competitive
  • Average Salary: 250,000 Yen ($2,030) a month 
  • Cost of Living: Most expensive 
  • Housing: Not free, employers sometimes help find
  • Airfare: Usually only a free flight home with the JET program
  • Teaching hours: 22-30 a week
    *These are just averages expect differences between institutions

 What kind of school will you work in?

  • Eikaiwa
  • Public school or university

Most teachers will work in either an eikaiwa or as an ALT (assistant language teacher) in a public school.

To work in a university you usually need to have a master's degree and experience.

Things you'll need to teach in Japan to get a visa

You need the same basic qualifications mentioned above which are normally:

  • native English speaker
  • 4 year degree
  • Passport photos
  • Documentation from your employer

Japan job ad on ohayo sensei

Option 1: Going there to look

If you take a look at sites like Ohayosensei like in the pic above you'll soon see that most jobs are looking for teachers who are already in Japan.

So go over on a tourist visa and look for a job. Americans get three months free right of the boat/plane. You'll need plenty of cash without anything lined up, so I would recommend $5000 or more.

Hostels are going to cost at least $18-25 a night for a dorm bed.

Once you find a job your employer will help you change your visa status.

Option 2: Find a job online 1st

If going to Japan to look sounds too expensive or daunting then you can find a job in your home country. Some of the largest companies and organizations in Japan like:

  • AEON
  • ECC
  • Interac
  • The JET program

All of the above companies and programs do some hiring from abroad. Learn more about some of these large companies.

Option 3: Working holiday visa

If you are a citizen of a common wealth country then you may be able to teach in Japan on a working holiday visa

Websites for finding a job in Japan This site is especially good for finding a job in Japan if you are already there.

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