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This is one of the most frequent questions I get.

I previously wrote about this somewhat in an article called are online TEFL courses recognized?

So will ESLinside'r scourse be accepted?

It depends on the school. Now if you ask this question to pretty much any other TEFL course provider I know exactly what they will say because it's what you want to hear. They will say, "YES!"

But is that the truth?

Do you want the truth?

Based on my research and time spent doing TEFL and working on ESLinsider I would say most people don't want the truth, the want security. That is the blue pill of TEFL. Hundreds of courses will give you that illusion. It comes in the form of accreditation, guaranteed jobs and "internationally recognized" TEFL courses or... a beach.

The truth is that there is no certificate that guarantees you a job everywhere

It's like your degree. Did that degree you spent thousands of dollars for guarantee you a job somewhere? 

40% of college graduates do jobs that don't even require a degree. - Source

In TEFL it often doesn't matter if it's a CELTA or that professional, "internationally recognized" 120 hour level 5 course. There is a ton of BS out there surrounding TEFL courses.

Put it in perspective.

There are thousands of schools that hire in Korea alone. Do you think that your future boss who speaks another language in another country is keeping track of all the different TEFL courses out there?

Pretty unlikely.

How many companies do you know of in Taiwan (or whatever country you are thinking of going to)?

Probably very few. It's the same with people in other countries. They've heard of McDonald's, Starbucks and KFC, but that's about it. 

But ESLinsider is different???

You are right. I don't use names and labels like other courses. In the beginning I did, but I think it's BS so I no longer do. There is no "120 hour course" because online those hours mean nothing. They aren't actual. They are fake. I don't say it's internationally recognized becuase that's a vague term without meaning.

Here's a comment by kimmandy on ESLinsider.

"ESL Insider

– $209 for the advanced course

– Focused on East Asian students

– Long term access to their resources

– I’m worried that they don’t really term their advanced course as a 120-hour program (though it used to be) and it might confuse employers"

Well, since then it's changed a bit more. ESLinsider's best course went from the: 120 hour course > advanced course > TEKA. And it was improved along the way.

But will ESLinsider be accepted because it's not a "120 hour course"?

It's possible if they just take a surface glance that it won't be accepted somewhere, however if they actually look up the course and at the certificate that is generated through TEKA I think they will be pleased because it's a specialized course with a focus on teaching English to mostly children.

But if you are applying for a position teaching adults then it's probably not the best course for you.

"120 hour courses" are a dime a dozen.

You can buy one of these for less than $50 and complete it in a day. Some employers know that so they don't place much value on those courses.

It's impossible to complete ESLinsider's best course (TEKA) in a day. They are automated parts of the course however there are currently 6 assignments involving writing, video or drawing. Yep, this course isn't the easiest in terms of work load, however it's engaging with the use of visuals and interaction.

And by the time you complete it (which is sometimes done in a couple of weeks) you'll be more confident about your skills.

Every school is different so they are really no guarantees. You are not likely to get all the jobs you apply to anyways so just keep firing and get ready for the teaching.

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Adrenalinepursuer's comment on ESLinsider.

What's better than a TEFL certificate?

Usually teaching licenses and experience. Experience is often the best qualification to have. And if you don't have actual experience teaching in Asia then they will look for related experience if they are open to hiring a teacher without experience. TEKA is targeted at teaching children in Asia. 


I wouldn't be too focused on just getting a certificate. I would focus on learning because that's where the real reward is. And after you get abroad and start teaching you'll learn that it probably isn't that easy so I would invest early on in your training. And since some courses online are so cheap and easy you could even take multiple courses.

You could take one to get that "accredited internationally recognized" certificate that makes you feel all warm and secure inside and...

Another to learn.

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Disclaimer: Keep in mind Emily has experience teaching so as stated above experience truly is the best qualification to have and TEFL certification does not replace that.

Jobs in the Middle East normally require experience.

ESLinsider review by Emily M.