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Now I know most of you who read this blog already went to college. But if you were to do it again would you? With what I know now I wouldn't go to college.

People get a lot of pressure to go to college. Well, I think many do. I mean you just graduated high school and I know some people in some circles are going to think you are a major loser if you don't.

But why is that?

It's about keeping up with the Joneses if you ask me. The beginning of the rat race.

Here's a video I made called, "should you go to college?"


3 facts that I point out are:

  1. Most people graduate $30,000 in debt. Ouch!
  2. 40-50% work in jobs that don't require a degree. Whoa.
  3. Only 27% do work related to what they studied. Hmmmmm.

Someone left an interesting comment saying:

Awesome video! Lots of my friends graduated this past summer and don’t work in their degree field. Now, they’re working just to pay off their debt. It’d be interesting for high schools to remove the stigma around trades and community college. It’d save kids a lot of money.

My personal experience with those stats above...

I graduated with like $33,000 in debt and I still have debt 20 years later. Aside from teaching English in China, Korea and Taiwan non of the other jobs that I have done required a degree.

One of the requirements to teach in Asia is to usually have a degree.

Have I been doing work related to my degree?

I studied fine art in college with an emphasis on painting. As far as the jobs go that I have done no, but I was doing street performing for a while which is related and I still feel like I do creative work (at times) on this site in different forms. 

But I think I can do better and I do have plans to start taking it more seriously. Initially after graduating college I was doing painting and drawing and then I started feeling restless and wanted to do some travelling which led me eventually to teaching abroad.

So one of the problems I have is that I am a bit scattered with my interests so there is the danger of spreading yourself out to thin perhaps.


What do you do after college?