Are you looking for a sample online TEFL course? Or maybe a refresher course? Perhaps a "taster" course? Or maybe you are looking for just a short course.

Update 2020: I recommend checking out this article on ESLinsider's advanced course to get an idea of what it is like. That post is more detailed than this one.

What sort of things will you learn about?

Here is a look at the syllabus.

  • "Engrish" entrance exam 
  • Introduction
  • Teaching methods
  • Public speaking
  • Learning styles and are they accurate?
  • Lesson planning
  • Presenting language
  • Teaching writing
  • Teaching reading
  • Teaching listening
  • Teaching speaking
  • Teaching phonics and pronunciation
  • Grammar
  • Teaching songs
  • Teaching with games and activities
  • Classroom management 
  • Culture shock
  • Writing your resume & finding jobs
  • Final exam
  • Certificate

Currently the topics classroom management and beyond are not available in the free option.

What does some of the content look like?

The course includes reading text, watching videos, answering questions, true and false, assignments and exams.

An entrance exam question in the basic course

Here is a look an entrance exam question in the basic course. The entrance exam is to see if your English level is up to par to teach abroad. There are currently 15 grammar related questions where you have to choose the correct response.

basic exam question

An entrance exam question in the advanced course

In the advanced course there is also an entrance exam which is slightly more extensive, but also more fun. I called it an "Engrish" exam and used some funny pictures like this.

engrish exam question

Sometimes you will read bite-sized pieces of text and then answer questions

Many courses online will have you read pages of text and then answer questions. But that is not very efficient as far as learning goes since most people just skim and scan. When there is less to read you will read more AND more importantly remember more.

Throughout the course content and questions are interlinked together. You can't get to the next topic without answering the questions correctly. You'll need to maintain an 80% or higher to proceed.

basic course question

Sometimes there will be instructional videos

Studies and research on online TEFL shows that video is a much more engaging than text. ESLinsider's courses include a lot of videos. Many of these videos were shot in the classrooms of Korea. These are not boring lecturing videos.

These videos show you what to do in the classroom. I know from experience that it is way easier to learn how to teach by watching other teachers do it vs. just reading about it.

So if you are planning on teaching in Korea or elsewhere in Asia I think you might find these courses to be especially helpful.

A video from the course

Feedback on assignments

The basic course doesn't include feedback. It's an automated course. The advanced course does. The advanced course includes 4 lesson planning assignments that include feedback.

Feedback adds the human element which is often missing in online courses and helps you form a better lesson. Without it how will you know if your lessons are any good?

It will tell you what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong and also give you some new ideas that you probably didn't think about.

lp2 assignment

Are you thinking of teaching English in Asia?

If so you will find a section in the beginning of the course devoted towards doing that.

You can:

  • Get advice from teachers in China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan (video interviews with teachers in Asia)
  • Figure out what kind of school you want to work in
  • Get the details on salaries for teachers in China, Korea, Taiwan and Japan
  • How to choose the best place for you (country and city not necessarily in Asia)

Try it, you might like it

You can read some reviews or learn more about the courses.