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What is a teka course?

What is the TEKA course? The TEKA course is a specialized course for teaching English to kids in Asia. It was created by ESLinsider.

How does a TEKA course compare to a TEFL or TESOL course?

TEFL and TESOL courses are "general" courses for teaching English as a foreign language or second language. They also tend to focus more on teaching adults and lack the specifics to effectively teach children.

Why take the TEKA course?

Based on my experience teaching English in East Asia: China, KoreaTaiwan and living in Japan. I would say that the "majority" of the jobs out there are focused on teaching children aged 5-13 years old. Employers in Asia prefer teachers with experience. The more related the experience to the job you are applying for the better.

Before I taught English in Taiwan (my first country) I took a TESOL course and that course hardly prepared me for the challenges that layed ahead.

That course was more theoretical.

What I needed was something more practical, action based and complete with concrete classroom management skills.

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