What is a teka course?

What is a TEKA course? A TEKA course is a specialized course for teaching English to kids in Asia. It was created by ESLinsider.

How does a TEKA course compare to a TEFL or TESOL course?

TEFL and TESOL courses are "general" courses for teaching English as a foreign language or second language. They also tend to focus more on teaching adults and lack the specifics to effectively teach children.

Why take a TEKA course?

Based on my experience teaching English in East Asia. I would say that the "majority" of the jobs out there are focused on teaching children aged 5-13 years old.

Before I taught English in Taiwan (my first country) I took a TESOL course and that course hardly prepared me for the challenges that layed ahead.

That course was more theoretical.

What I needed was something more practical, action based and complete with concrete classroom management skills.

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