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TEKA is a new course created by ESLinsider. People usually take TEFL courses (online or in-class) before they start teaching. At this stage they are primarily concerned with getting a job.

And so they will look for a course that may help them do that. 

TEKA on the other hand is a practical course that doesn't include some of the things common in TEFL courses.

  1. There's no accreditation
  2. There's no TEFL certificate
  3. There's no job placement

Geez, so what good is it?

It's more of a course in the here and now focused on making your experience teaching English abroad (to mostly kids) better.

TEKA doesn't focus on teaching theory or English grammar study which is common in many TEFL/TESOL courses. It focuses on teaching you what to do in the classroom and on improving your situation. 

Do you take a TEFL course before or after you start teaching?

TEFL courses are usually taken before someone teaches abroad. However, TEKA can be taken at anytime, but there is no carrot TEFL certificate.

Why not?

Because it's focused on the learning process and improving your situation and not getting a job. Getting a job is a short term solution, but if you really want to be happier teaching abroad then you need to improve your teaching because that's where you are spending most of your time.

Not everyone is a natural teacher, but everyone can improve.

  1. Do you want to feel more confident in that classroom?
  2. Do you want to have more fun teaching?
  3. Do you want to get control of that classroom?

Also teaching abroad is a 1-2 year experience for most people. This course can also help maximize your time abroad and get you focused on developing your future self.

Online TEFL course vs. TEKA?

Another option is to do both.

Instead of picking one or the other you could do both. You could take an online TEFL just to get the TEFL certificate that says it's "accredited" and then do TEKA to get the targeted training and add another qualification to your resume.

Michael C. said (about why he signed up for TEKA):

I am a visual learner and have always learned best using such material. I actually already have a TEFL certificate, but I decided to enrol in this course since it was specifically for teaching children in Asia. My goal is to teach in Korea; since the market is extra competitive this year thanks to the pandemic, I'm trying to do everything I can to make my application stand out.


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