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Should I do TEFL online? Should I take a TEFL course online? Perhaps those are your questions. If you are concerned over whether or not you should take an online TEFL course then this post is for you.

Do you have to take a TEFL course?

Not necessarily. It will depend on where you are applying to. Some schools may prefer it if you especially don't have experience.

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Who are online TEFL courses for?

Online TEFL courses are for self-directed learners. If you lack that personal trait then maybe you should take an in-class course. You need to be independent and be able to get things done on your own.

Some online courses have a high drop out rate. The reason why is that they are boring.

Are you a traditional learner? If you prefer to learn in a classroom environment then maybe you should learn there. If you need companionship then maybe you should be in a classroom.

Are you self-disciplined? If you are not then maybe an online course is not for you.

Are you introverted or extraverted? If you are more extraverted then you might do better in an in-class course.


Some schools may not accept online courses. These schools are typically higher end schools who prefer teachers with experience. This is more common in the Middle East and in parts of Europe. So if you don't have experience then you probably wouldn't get in anyways even if you had an "in-class" course.

In my experience teaching in Asia most schools are fine with online courses.

Benefits of online courses

  • You can learn on your own. 
  • Convenience. You can study when and where you want.
  • Cost. Online courses are cheaper. 
  • You'll have longer term access to material compared to an in-class course which is a one time experience. Although it's not usually forever. Most courses allow access for 2-6 months.
  • They're greener. Less materials like books are used and fewer resources for transportation are used.

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Will you get feedback?

It depends on the course. The cheapest courses will probably not offer much feedback.

Why would you want feedback? Feedback will help you with your lesson plans.

Online courses are not for everyone. Some people will be better off in a classroom. But if you think you are a self-directed learned than you can try it out.

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