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This is just a notification post. I recently added a new feature to the site for reviews on ESLinsider's courses. If you are thinking of taking an online TEFL/TESOL course and you would like to read some reviews of people who have taken one of ESLinsider's courses then you can.

a review of ESLinsider's TEFL course

Read reviews of ESLinsider's courses here

In addition you will find more reviews and learn more about ESLinsider here:

Lastly this is not a review on ESLinsider, but it does explain all the $@#! some troll/fraud wrote that you could find if you search "eslinsider reviews". 

But before you search that keyword know that if you go to those sites ("trusted" TEFL reviews, TEFL online pro) and other sites he used to write trash about me and if you spend time on them then that is a vote to rank them higher in Google's eyes.

Full explanation on the guy who runs "Trusted" TEFL reviews and TEFL online pro here or read this post for someone else's take on it.