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If you are considering teaching English in Asia then chances are that you are considering teaching English to kids. Most of the jobs in Asia are for teaching kids. Teaching kids can be a lot of fun. This article points out the good and bad.

The good stuff about teaching kids

3 cute Korean boys smiling in classroom

1. Kids have a lot of energy

Be sure to do different activities during the lesson so they can move around the classroom. See teaching tip #2.

2. They laugh a lot

Some reports say that children around 5 years of age can laugh upwards of 300 times a day and adults less than 20 times a day.

3. They like to have fun

Kids get motivated to learn by having fun. They like games, activities, music and art. So when you are teaching them it's important that you combine education and entertainment.

4. They can be very cute

You'll for sure see some of the cutest kids you'll ever see.

5. They are very honest

Most kids will tell you as it is or rather how they see it without moderating it all. It's rather refreshing.

6. They can be affectionate

Young children and kindergarteners can be very affectionate. They can jump and hug your legs or touch you (your hair, nose, etc.) which can be strange for some people at first. As anĀ American it's rather nice as in the States teachers can get in trouble for "touching" their students. Teachers can get sued.

The bad stuff about teaching kids

1. They can be noisy

Kids tend to be loud especially when you put them together.

2. They can be rude

They are more honest and sometimes they can be brutally honest.

3. They can lie and manipulate

Kids can be deceptive. They might tell you a story about why they didn't do their homework. Or they may try to trick you into getting what they want.

4. They can cry

Kindergarteners and kids usually less than 6 years old may cry in the classroom. See teaching tip #94 for more on how to deal with it.

5. They have a short attention span

Children have a really short attention span. You are going to need to have diverse and active lessons to maintain their attention.

6. They can cause problems

Kids can goof off in the classroom or try to especially when you first start teaching. Usually classroom problems with students come from poor lessons, but sometimes you are going to have a few difficult students and you will need a way to deal with them.


Kids are more hedonistic than adults. They are more in the moment and not very future minded. Since they are more hedonistic they are more fun. I have taught teenagers, adults and children. Children in the age range from about 6 to 13 or so are my favorite.

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