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Is teaching English difficult? Are you stressed out? Do you have any of the following problems?

  • Kids that won't pay attention
  • Kids that are talking when they shouldn't be
  • Classes that are out of control
  • Students who won't talk
  • Students who use inappropriate language
  • Teaching large classes
  • Students who are bored
  • Students who don't want to be there
  • Students who are speaking their native language
  • Problems with your boss or management

Do you have any of those problems?

If so then I can understand as I was there once. I have had all of those problems. And most of them are the result of poor teaching. 


Sometimes there are difficult kids too, but if you make your lessons better and improve your teaching methods I can guarantee that your situation will improve dramatically.

How do you do it?

Well, the free way is start researching: read books, watch videos, attend workshops, etc. But if you want some guidance and a streamlined course especially focused on teaching kids and solving your classroom problems then I recommend this advanced course.