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The basic course is cheaper, easier and faster, but not better.

Why is that?

  • There is less content: video, text, audio, questions, assignments, etc.
  • Topics do not go into as much depth. For example...
  • Less info on lesson planning.
  • Less info on classroom management.
  • No feedback on assignments.
  • Assignments are not required to progress in the course.

What are the problems with the basic course?

Well, if you can read through the lines above you may be able to see why...

  • It's less thorough.
  • There is no feedback so even if you do the suggested assignments you won't know how well you are doing them.
  • There is no assistance. It's a 100% automated course.
  • You won't be as prepared to enter the classroom.

The basic course is a stripped down version. It still contains some video and there are 17 topics.

In the advanced course careful attention has been paid to helping you remember what you learn and it also gets updated.

Learn more about the advanced course.