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This is one good example of what's it like to be a foreigner in Asia. I remember one night shortly after I had just arrived in Taiwan. I was out on the street looking for a laundromat. I couldn't seem to find it and then as I was walking around with my bag of dirty clothes I bumped into a group of Taiwanese teens.


I told them that I was looking for a laundromat. One girl said that she could wash them. I was like no, no, no. But she said it again and then I was like o.k. So she took my clothes home to her house to wash. Her other friends were just hanging out on the street with me talking and then like a half-hour later she came back with my clothes.

While a few may be xenophobic or afraid of foreigners most are very curious and helpful. I can't imagine this kind of experience happening in my own country.

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