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To teach English in Korea you'll need first and foremost to be a native English speaker and have a university degree. Granted you have those requirements to teach in Korea you'll then need to prepare some paperwork and documents. These documents can take quite a bit of time to process too.

What are the required documents?

  1. FBI apostilled criminal background check (CBC)
  2. Apostilled copy of your diploma
  3. Possibly university transcripts

The CBC must be done nationally. Previously a state level check was enough, however now you need a national check through the FBI and have it apostilled in your state.

Formerly all schools required transcripts, however that is now not all the case. From what I understand only some public schools may require them now and private schools (hagwans) do not.

Lastly individual schools can have their own requirements.

10 things you need to teach in Korea

  1. Degree
  2. English speaker
  3. CBC (criminal background check)
  4. Apostilled diploma
  5. Transcripts (public school)
  6. Healthcheck
  7. Passport photos
  8. Passport with at least 1 year left on it
  9. TEFL certification (depending on the school)
  10. Reference letters (EPIK and it doesn't hurt at other schools)