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To teach English in Korea you will need an apostille for your diploma. This process is much easier than the criminal background check.

O.k here we go.

1. Copy your Diploma

Make a nice color copy of your diploma on card stock paper. Card stock paper is thicker and this will look more like the original.


2. Notarize the Copy of your Diploma

Take your original and the copy of your diploma to a notary. I took mine to the local town hall and had the notary notarize it and include the following information on the copy.

  • Your signature
  • Where the notary is licensed (county and state of the notary)
  • The date
  • The notaries name and signature
  • The notaries seal
  • The notaries license expires

3. Write a Cover Letter for the Secretary of your State

This will go with the copy and money order. Find your secretary of state online. Here is an example:

Hawaii Secretary of State
Authentication Department
(Apostille Request)


Dear Sir or Madame:

I am requesting an apostille for a copy of an original diploma. It has been notarized. This will be for teaching ESL in Korea. Thus the documents will go there.

Please return the documents with the enclosed postage-paid envelope.

Thank you,


4. Send the Copy & Cover letter to the Secretary of your State

Send a money order to your secretary of state along with the cover letter, notarized copy and enclosed postage paid envelope. This cost me $10.00.

5. Wait

Fortunately this shouldn't take long. It took about a week for me.