Searching for an accredited course? Well, you're out of luck here. ESLinsider is not accredited because of the following reasons that I will soon share with you. Then after I share those with you I will tell you about what it offers instead.

Why isn't ESLinsider accredited?

  1. There is no "one" accreditation for TEFL. There are only 3rd party businesses that do "accreditation".
  2. You have to pay these often totally anonymous websites money which can be upwards of $2,000 a year.
  3. Some of them are fake. I know of at least 3 that are fake.
  4. I don't look up to any of them.
  5. ESLinsider is independent.
  6. Accreditation is not required.
  7. Accreditation promotes sameness

I've taken 2 different TEFL/TESOL courses which were accredited, but not very useful.

I actually looked into it as I was considering it, but just decided that it wasn't for me or ESLinsider.

Accreditation in TEFL is superficial. You can buy an "accredited" TEFL course on Groupon for $5-40 last time I checked.

Learn more about accreditation and TEFL here.

TEFL accreditation definitely does NOT prove quality

I took an "accredited 120 hour" TEFL course on Groupon, paid $39 and you can get one for even cheaper if an "accredited" TEFL is all you want.

It was an "accredited" course, but I thought it was really boring and basically the equivelant of reading a book, doing some multiple choice and getting a certificate.

Oh, did I say that I completed it in 8 HOURS.

Wait wasn't that a "120 hour" course? Hehe, TEFL course "hours" are another one of the industries little lies - at least when it comes to online courses.

Why did I take the course?

I didn't need it. In fact I had already completed a TESOL course 12 years prior and I had already 6 years of experience in Asia. I took the course to see what I would get for my money.

What ESLinsider does instead

Accreditation is a sort of proof that a course or institution is up to par, but it's just a superficial one because it can easily be faked and nobody knows what went on behind the scene$.

Do you know how a company/website got accredited or what they had to do?

Probably not.

Is there are better way?

I don't know, but I can tell you about what I think is a better marker of course quality.

Actual course content.

There are many online TEFL course companies, but do you know what their materials are like? Probably not because most of their course is behind a log in.

Well, ESLinsider does things a little differently. Almost all of the videos used in the course are also available on Youtube and ESLinsider for free.

Here's an example of some of ESLinsider's course content:

eslinsider tefl 5 fun steps


And 1,700 likes and 98 dislikes.

And here you can see my snazzy infographic on more of ESLinsider's Youtube stats.

So this social proof of quality didn't involve an exchange of money like TEFL accreditation does. Yes, that's just one video, but you'll find over a 100 how-to videos there.

And you can see for yourself.

And here's another point that I would like to add...

Remember that "accredited" course that I said was $39 on Groupon? Well, I also said it was boring. And the thing is you are not going to remember much from a course like that because there are no visuals. And online the best visuals are going to be classroom instructional videos.

People don't read much online and they do not remember much of what they read.

Are online TEFL courses any good?

I can tell you from experience that the easiest way to learn how to teach is by watching other teachers. So if you want to learn more about what is involved in a quality online TEFL course then I recommend you check out this research.

But if you don't care now and you just want an "accredited" piece of paper then you have plenty of options that start out at about $8 last I knew.