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This is a drawing that I did that expresses the resentment some students have towards learning English. So many students are being "force fed" ESL by their teachers and parents.

ESL student goes crazy and chainsaws his book

The truth is...

Some students don't want to be there. They are there because their parents want them to be or perhaps it's a requirement for work or school. So here is a student who also doesn't want to be there and is apparently having a bad day as he is about ready to chainsaw his book.

Some students don't understand why they are learning English. They are taught that it is for their future benefit. That it will help get them get into a better school, get a better job and such. Which is sad I think as they receive such pressure from their parents/culture to be something that may not suit them.

In Asia many students get a lot of pressure to do well in school and end up spending long hours there. Many go to school from about 8-4:00 pm, after to private schools until 9 or 10 pm and then home to do homework. That makes for a long day and the occasional sleepy student in class.

In reality you can't force motivation and such it has to come from the student. However, if you're teaching children you will find that they can usually be easily motivated with games and activities. Integrate fun into your teaching and they will learn.

In the States we dial 911 for an emergency, however in Eastern Asia they dial 119.

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