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I made a video around 10 years ago called Why the obsession with Asian women and I wanted to add a few more notes to that. That video was a response to a comment by a western woman who was a little bitter about foreign men in Japan who were attracted to Japanese women.

Quite a few people actually disliked it. I think about 60% of the people liked it and 40% didn't, but why not?

I put a bunch of scientific facts and studies under the video to support what I said, but some people don't care about science.

I don't really think it matters who someone likes. You like what you like, but whenever you do something different than the mainstream then you are going to get a bunch of flack by some.

So who do most people like?

Most people date or have relationships with people who look like themselves. They tend to stick with their own race. So if you say you find this group of females or males attractive and it's not your race then someone will object.

What you should take away from this new video


#1 is everybody has preferences.

You have preferences for food, clothes, music, art, people, places, etc. I mean why do you hang out with the people you do? Even if they are all of different races and genders then why do you hang out with them? Why not other people?

You're preferences are a form of discrimination.

If you play politically correct and say you don't have a preference for a race of people then you should know that most people prefer their own race. Most won't say that, but that's what most people do all around the world.

Most people marry someone that looks like them.

That's someone of the same race.

Maybe you are in a bubble called college or some ethnically diverse city, but even in those places like Chicago, San Fran, LA or New York, races tend to stick together. I am not saying that's right or wrong but that's what most people do. Most people prefer their same race.

But you are "weird" if you come out and say you are attracted to some other race of females or males. If you say you like Asian females then some people will say you have a fetish or you have yellow fever. If so then most people have a fetish for their own race.

Think outside of the box your country. Because things are different all around the world. I lived in Asia for 8 years and I can say that it's a very homogenous place so if you are not of Asian decent then you will stand out. You'll be a minority for better or worse.



In the video Why the obsession with Asian women I said (in the defense of some of the men she was putting down) I also found Asian women to be attractive.

So what?

Big deal.

You've got preferences too.

It doesn't mean I think every Asian female is attractive and it doesn't mean I think females of other races are unattractive.

So why is it that many men find Asian women to be attractive?

Well, we'll ignore my video for now and talk about something called neoteny and then you can check out the studies and links below.

A truth is...

Men all around the globe tend to be more attracted to neotenous looking females. That is they are attracted to youthful looking women and Asians are the more neotenous race.


But as I mentioned the video is directed towards Asians and based on my experience living in Asia and NOT Asian Americans. There's quite a difference there. And I think you would only understand that if you've lived abroad. 

For example, if you are Chinese American and you say in America that you are "Asian" and that might be okay here, but you probably wouldn't or shouldn't say that if you are in China. It's like me saying 'I'm Irish' and it might be okay here. But if I walked into a pub in Ireland and said that I'd probably get punched in the face. 

It's a good deal about culture.