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55 ways to make money traveling the world

Traveling the world sounds appealing, but how can you travel the world and make money? Is it possible to travel and get paid at the same time? Well, it depends on the source of income and this article is going to explore the many different ways of making money while either living or traveling abroad.

There are definitely ways out there to make money that don't require you to have much of a knowledge of a foreign language. Some of the ways listed here are temporary or seasonal positions, and others are more like careers.

If you are creative and can take the initiative then there are a lot more opportunities. Opportunities that are either offline or online. We'll start first with the online options.

Start a website/blog and keep it going

There is software out there such as Wordpress, Blogger, Drupal that makes this all pretty easy. You could create a blog, another informational site or even a user generated site like a forum.

However, the difficult part of making money online is standing out. There is a lot of competition, so you're going to have to add value if you want traffic and to make money. Now lets look at the many ways to make money from a website.

1. Sell ad space

If you have a website that generates traffic then you could try to sell ad space on it for a monthly fee.

2. Adsense

Google's Adsense is one of the easiest ones to get set up. You can do pretty good if you get lots of traffic. You need big numbers though to make money. Why? Well, when was the last time you clicked on an ad? Average click through rates are near .50-2%. That means if your ads are shown 100 times that only as many as 2 people will click on your ads or it can be less than 1 person.

It depends on a lot of factors, but generally you need a lot of traffic say like at least 50,000 visitors a month to maybe live on it.

3. Sell a digital product

You could create an ebook or audio piece and sell it via Amazon.

4. Referral or affiliate marketing

This is when you sell someone else's products. You can use a website such as Amazon to do this too. For example, when the user clicks on a link on your website they will be directed to Amazon and if they buy the product within a certain time frame then you will receive a small percentage 3-5% of the sale.

To make money doing this you're going to need to be selling expensive items and/or a lot of items. If your referral is a $10 book it will only net you about .40 cents.

5. Create an online course

Use a course management system to create a course that you can sell or use Udemy. Use your know how to create a course that informs and helps people.

6. Accept donations

You can create an informational site or one that serves people in some other way. Then set up a system that accepts donations. Think Wikipedia.

7. Use crowd funding

You can use a crowd funding service like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo to raise money online.

8. Create a membership site

Create a members only access to content and charge a monthly fee.

9. Youtube

Create videos about your interests, travels or whatever and post them on Youtube. If they are popular then you can make a some money using ads or maybe donations. Again to make money with this program you need a lot of traffic and views on your videos.

It depends, but most viewers make around $1 per 1000 views. At that rate you'll need a 100,000 views a month to make a $100. You'll need millions of views a month to make thousands of dollars. Very few Youtubers live off of their earnings.

According to Business Insider half of Youtube videos get less than 500 views. That's about 50 cents.

10. Build websites

You can become a developer of software such as Wordpress, other content management systems or start your own. You can post and find jobs on freelance sites like, elance or oDesk.

Learn programming skills like Javascript, PHP, or HTML to help people build websites.

11. Design websites

Learn CSS and Photoshop so that you can learn how to design websites and/or templates for a CMS like Wordpress, Drupal, etc.

12. Promote websites

If you have a skill in online marketing or in SEO then you could sell that skill on a freelance site like Guru.

13. Flip websites

This is similar to homes, but instead it's online. If you have some website know-how you can buy old websites, update, redesign or market them and then sell them again. You can check out Flippa.

14. Create & Sell Digital Files

You can use a service like Etsy to create and sell digital files such as logos, icons, fonts, forms, patterns, worksheets, design templates, etc.

15. Create an app

If you have some programming skills or would like to learn you could create an app for mobile phones or other web applications.

16. Become a caretaker or house sit

These positions do not always pay, but they do usually offer housing in exchange for house sitting and/or basic care taking positions.


World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms is a volunteer placement program that offers food and accommodation in exchange for work done on farms around the world.

18. Peace Corps

The Peace Corps is another volunteer program with placements in education, agriculture and health around the world that include accommodation and food as well as other benefits such as some student loan forgiveness.

19. Real estate

If you have a home, room or a space that you can rent then you can make money while you are away. You can have a friend or family member watch over the space.

20. Photography

If you are a photographer then you could sell your images and prints online.

21. Artist

If you draw or paint then you can sell your work online in the form of prints. Or you could even get commisioned to show up and paint a mural or do some other piece.

22. Music

If you play any instrument or even DJ then it's going to possible to make money by playing in bars, hotels or even cruise ships around the world. You can also sell your music online or on CD's.

If they don't know you it may be difficult to find places to play in a foreign country, but you can introduce yourself and offer to play for free or even for a few moments to get exposure.

The band Hollerado managed to get shows by showing up at bars and clubs saying that they had traveled 2,000+ miles, booked a gig down the street and it somehow fell through. Then they asked if they could play a short set there tonight and it worked.

They didn't always make money doing it, but they at least got exposure. They also burned CD's and sold them for $5.

blueman street performer  in chinatown san francisco

23. Busking

If you play an instrument, act, dance or do anything performance like then it's going to be possible to make money by performing on the streets for cash tips. It's not legal everywhere and you would probably do better in developed countries.

From experience I know it's possible to make a living doing this in San Francisco. I got by street performing exclusively for a few years. I have also met other people who have done this around the world.

24. Write

There are many ways in which you can make money as a writer. You can be a ghost writer, journalist, editor, grant writer, copywriter, write articles for blogs, reviews and more.

25. Self-publish a book

You can write your own book/ebook and publish it on Amazon or Lulu.

26. Cruise ship

If you enjoy service work such as waiting on tables, bar tending, room service, massage, etc. and you don't mind long working hours then working on a cruise ship might be for you. You would be able to save a lot of money since you don't usually have to pay rent, food or utilities.

27. Hostels

Some hostels are looking for people to change beds, clean rooms and some might even employ a few foreigners. These jobs aren't usually advertised nor do all hostels offer this, but some do. It's best to inquire in person.

28. Nanny

If you love children then there are families around the world who are looking for Au Pairs. Usually accommodation, food and a living stipend is included.

29. Navy

Sailors get to travel while on duty and also get a month of free paid travel.

30. Work at a ski resort

You might be able to find a job working for a ski resort in another country. Ski resorts in the Alps, New Zealand and Australia offer positions to people from other countries. This is usually seasonal work, but there may be some work in the summer as well.

31. Pick fruit

In Australia and possibly in other areas you can find fruit picking jobs.

The first job I ever had was picking strawberries. I was probably around 12 years old or so. I loved strawberries, but it wasn't very fun. It was rather painful being hunched over all day.

32. Wait on tables

You might be able to find a job doing this at a tourist orientated restaurant/hotel in some country. In most cases you will need a proper visa and be able to speak the language to find a job like this in another country.

33. Bar tending

Similar to the above.

34. Massage

You could be a travel massage therapist. While you may need to have some sort of certification to do this in some places, but you don't always especially in other countries. You may be able to find a position in a hotel or by promoting yourself.

35. Translate

If you are fluent in another language then you could find a position working as a translator online on freelance sites.

36. Work by commision

You could approach small businesses such as restaurants and ask them to give you a commision for every person that you refer to them.

37. Be a tour guide

If you have become familiar with a place then you could start your own tours.

cute kindergarten kids korea

38. Teach English

There is a large market for English teachers abroad. The main requirements usually are to be a native speaker and have a degree. TEFL certification can also be required or preferred depending on the country. You usually have to sign a contract for a year in order to get a work visa. However, if you don't need a visa then there are part time and substitute positions that are available.

Full-time ESL teachers typically make between $800 and $3,000 a month not including benefits - which might include housing, airfare and bonuses. But it depends on the country and job. Teaching in Asia is a popular option as there is a large market there.

39. Teach English online

The perks of this are that you don't need to stay in any one place. You could live wherever you want and work as long as you have a reliable internet connection.

You could find an employer or you could start your own business via Skype.

40. Teach another language

If you are fluent in another language then you could offer to teach it on various forums in the area where you are located. In the largest metropolitan areas abroad you may also be able to find a job teaching another language at a private school such as Berlitz.

41. Teach yoga

Yoga is becoming popular around the world. I was once offered a job teaching yoga in Shanghai. If you can find a place to practice and attract students then you can.

42. Teach a martial art

If you have a high level of ability in some martial art then you could start your own dojo or even offer classes in your home or outside in the park. Then you could find and train students.

43. Teach whatever you know

If you have any other skill then in theory you could teach it if you can find students who are interested online or offline.

44. Engineer

Most of the foreigners that I met in Korea either taught English, were in the military or they were engineers. Common ones are electrical, mechanical and software engineer jobs.

45. Sell/Ebay

For example, you could use Ebay to sell anything or stuff that you found in your new country.

46. Flight attendant

If you are interested in working 30,000 feet in the air then there is an opportunity for you that includes almost free airline tickets and hotels while serving folks on an airplane that travels around the world.

47. Stocks

Learn how to buy and sell shares.

48. Strip

If you are an attractive male or female and like showing your body off then you could probably find work in a strip club somewhere dancing/stripping.

49. Sex sells

Try out the "world's oldest profession". It's not for the status quo, but it's not just for the exploited either. Read the controversial chapter in the book Freakonomics. Become a call-girl, gigolo, escort, hooker or whatever you'd like to call it. Well, if that sounds absurd then you may be able to use your good looks for something else...

50. Model

There are opportunities for modeling in some places. And since you're a foreigner you'll be considered more exotic.

51. Act

Like above and if you have a skill for acting then you may be able to find a job acting in a local production such as in a movie, TV show or commercial.

52. Working holiday visa

Citizens of some countries such as New Zealand and Australia have an exchange program that will allow them to work in certain countries. This may allow you to find a number of different jobs in that country.

53. Shipbuilding

I met a few guys in Korea who worked in a shipyard and built ships. Korea is one of the largest ship building countries in the world.

54. Scuba diving instructor

You don't need to speak much to do this one. And many resorts around the world have plenty of English speaking tourists. Getting PADI certified would enable to find work around the world.

55. Nursing

You may be able to find a job as an international nurse as long as you are qualified and can speak the language of the country where you would like to work.


There are ways to make money while in other countries, however finding a job is not as easy in your home country because there are some obstacles: your visa and the language.

The first is that you will need some sort of visa to stay in another country. Many countries will allow a 1 to 3 month stay on a tourist visa. Other than that you will need to get some special visa to stay for a longer period.

If you are a foreigner then you usually need to have some special skill in order to find an employer who can get you a visa.

Aside from the visa the second major problem is going to be the language. If you don't know the native language of whatever country you are in then it's going to be harder to find work.

Most employers will choose to hire natives since it is a lot more simple. If you owned a business wherever you live would you hire a foreigner who couldn't speak the local language and didn't have a visa?

There are a lot of options out there. Some are jobs where you are working for someone else, others where you are working as a freelancer or working independently. Either way it's going to take some initiative.

However, I would also recommend thinking long term as well. Some things that you start now may not pay off right away. But in the long run they will as long as you really enjoy it and continue to work on it. Anyways start now and don't worry about all the facts and figures just get started and figure it out the details later.

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