Have you ever wondered how you could possibly use your TEFL certificate? Most people only think of using it as something to show to an employer. But here are a few more uses you probably never thought of.

1. Be proud and make a crowntefl certificate crown

You earned it. Be proud and show your new certification off by wearing it on your head.

2. Eat on it

TEFL certificate placemat

Don't be afraid of making a mess. Go ahead eat on it.

3. Use it as a medicine

TEFL certificate used as marijuana rolling paper

Just keep in mind that wherever you try to use it as a medicine probably has different laws than where you live now. So you may end up in jail. Asia is not a very tolerant place when it comes to marijuana. Consider moving to Colorado, Washington, or maybe even Holland.

4. Cool down with it

Use your TEFL certificate as a fan

It's hot in the summertime in Asia. Use it to cool down.

5. Fly to Asia with it

Make a TEFL certificate airplane

Make an airplane with it.

6. Stay warm with it

start a fire with your TEFL certificate

If times get tough start a fire with it and keep warm.

7. Advertise yourself with it

wear your TEFL certificate

This might work if you are on the ground searching for a job locally. This would immediately showcase your skills and interests.

8. Make a business card with it

TEFL certificate used as a business card

This is a slightly more subtle way of using it to find a job. It would work great to look for privates, jobs, dates, etc. This is the great thing about a digital file. You can make it any size you want. This small business card sized certificate would pack a strong punch.

9. Use at as a dart board

Use your TEFL certificate as a dartboard

You can always hang it on the wall. And if your days as an ESL teacher are over then you'd might as well have fun with it.

10. Get peoples attention with it

use your TEFL certificate as a megaphone

You could make a megaphone out of it. This might help project your voice in the classroom.

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